7 Great DIY Costumes - Ghostbusters, Hillary and More

Posted by on Oct 15, 2016

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Making your own Halloween costume doesn't need to be complicated if you choose the right subject. A good vintage store pantsuit can be the makings of a Hillary Clinton outfit. The right tan jumpsuit and a little ribbon will create a "Ghostbusters" look. Dressing up as Deadpool make take a little more effort, but the reactions will be worth the effort. Here are seven great costumes you can make for Halloween.

ghostbusters DIY costume

Tan jumpsuit 
7 to 8 yards of 5/8" or ¾" wide orange ribbon 
7 to 8 yards of 5/8” or ¾” wide yellow ribbon 
1/2 yard of orange fabric 
Snow boots 

For this costume, you’ll need a tan long-sleeve jumpsuit or flight suit. You can purchase one of these inexpensively at an Army Navy Surplus Store. Or you can simply use a pair of khakis and an old tan shirt or jacket. You’ll also need some orange and yellow ribbon — 5/8" or ¾" wide — to sew onto the shirt, jacket or top of jumpsuit. 

Measure up from the bottom (or the waistline) so you can mark an even, straight line to start the ribbon attachment from. For the sleeves, you may want to open up the seam so you have a flat surface to work with. 

When done sewing on your stripes, just stitch it back up. Snow boots and old gloves you don’t mind snipping the fingers off will work for accessories. For the stripe on the boots, you can buy colored tape or use good old generic beige masking tape with a Sharpie. 

If you have some orange fabric scraps in your stash, you can sew them on to the straps of an old backpack. And, voila! You’re a Ghostbuster.
sia DIY costume

Long black double-breasted coat 
1-1/2" yards of black satin fabric 
Wig or black kit cap 
1 ball each of white-and-black yarn

A long black, double-breasted coat can probably be found in a thrift store and will work great. Use black satin to make a big head bow. Cut out a rectangle about 36" long by 28" wide. Fold it in half lengthwise to make a big tube. Flip it right side out, then fold the ends in so they meet at the center. Secure all the layers with some basting stitches. Cut another piece of fabric about 8" wide by 24" long. Fold that in half lengthwise and sew to make another tube. Flip it right side out, then wrap it around the center of your bow to gather it in. 

For the wig, you can either buy a blond wig and a black wig and cobble them together or, if you have yarn and an old knit skull cap, you can make your own by sewing the yarn in a hair-like pattern onto the hat. The hat will also provide a good base to attach your bow to.
rihanna DIY costume
Rihanna in "What You Came For"

Black unitard 
Two old sheer curtain panels at least 72" wide x 72" long (or 4 yards of burlap or net-like fabric) 
3 yards of black rope or string 
1 yard of elastic 

Start with a black sleeveless unitard. Next, find some burlap, or maybe some old curtains or sheers made from something with a really loose weave. If the sheers are white, you can dye them in tea (yes, tea). 

Next, lay the two big rectangles (or curtains) one on top of the other, and cut out a person shape (arms straight out, legs slightly apart), then sew it up. Make sure the sleeves and legs are longer than your arms and legs to achieve the proper draping. Leave the top or neck wide and make a channel by folding and stitching. Also, make a channel at the leg bottoms so you can insert elastic and gather them. 

Run a dark rope or string through your neck channel so that you can cinch it up once you have your garment on. Slip into your slightly see-through, burlap-looking garment, pull your neck drawstrings your desired tightness, and you're a superstar!
Finding dory homemade DIY costume
Dory from Finding Dory 

2-1/2" to 3 yards of blue felt or blue fuzzy plush fabric 
3 to 4 yards wire or plastic tubing 
Batting scraps of white, black and red fabric for eyes 
1/2 foot yard of yellow fabric 

So you want to be a fish? The first thing you’ll need is a big piece of blue felt and some kind of wire that you can use to make a hoop skirt. 

Cut out two large pear shapes that, lengthwise, will reach from your shoulders to just above your knees with a few extra inches on the end. Cut a half circle in the center on the smaller end of the "pear" for your head hole. Then stitch your shoulder seams together. Put the fish body on and figure out how much you need to leave open for your arms, then sew the side seams closed. Next, make a channel on the bottom to put the wire through. You can use tape to secure your wire into a circle shape once you have inserted in through the channel you just made – this will give your fish body a three-dimensional shape. 

With yellow and black and blue fabric you can make some fins to attach below the arm holes of the fish body. Use batting to stuff them. If you’re having trouble figuring out a shape to cut the fabric in, you could use a snow boot to drape the fabric over – the sole of the boot would be the yellow part of the fin. You can make the end pointy rather than round like a boot to make it look more fin like. 

Lastly, make a hood from your blue fabric using a hoodie as a pattern (if you need one). Add some big eyes and a small stuffed fin on top, then attach the hood to the head hole of the fish body from shoulder seam to shoulder seam in the back.
Deadpool DIY homemade costume

Red jumpsuit or unitard 
Black leather jacket to cut up or 1-1/2 yards of black pleather 
Work boots 
Ammunition belt (from Army Navy surplus) 
3 yards of 1" wide black elastic 
Scrap of red felt or red vinyl 

To create a Deadpool costume you’re going to need a red jumpsuit, a red knit ski mask, and something black and leather to cut up. Put on your red jumpsuit and outline where you want to put the black leather pieces on the shoulders and sides. 

Once you have the jumpsuit off, use some scrap fabric to create patterns of your pieces Then you can cut two of each out (one for each side) and they’ll be the same. You can complete your look with kneepads, work boots, gloves and belts. You can also use elastic to create strapping around the legs. 

Don’t forget the Deadpool belt buckle. Make a pattern out of an oak tag or Manila folder, then cut your shape out of red felt or red vinyl.
hillary clinton costume
Hillary Clinton 

Pant suit 
Scoop neck blouse 
Tan or black pumps 

To be Hillary Clinton, you’re going to need a pant suit — preferably one in a nice strong color like red or bright blue – and a collarless blouse in a similar hue. I would head to your favorite thrift store to find the perfect suit. The only other thing you’ll need is a nice, basic, medium-heel pump in tan or black.
Donald Trump DIY homemade costume
Donald Trump 

This one is super easy. Go to the thrift store and buy a slightly ill-fitting dark suit, a white shirt with French cuffs, and a bright red tie. Then, slap some fake fur or a toupee on your head and you’re set.

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