Handmade Wedding Decor You Can DIY

Posted by on Apr 05, 2012

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Weddings can be as different as ... Ke$ha and Zooey Deschanel. So make your wedding reflect yours (and your partner's) taste with a little bit of crafty flair.

Above: Simple white napkins from designer Emerson Fry. Try spicing up your own white (or any color) napkins with a stamp. You could stick with the word "eat" or use any stamp you like!

Flower Power

Flowers and weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly. Try making this floral garland with an easy how-to from 100 Handmade. Once done, string yarn through the middle of each flower. The finished product can be hung up over the dinner tables or dancing floor. 
Pastel Love

These flower-covered Chinese lanterns can be used as flower bouquets, centerpieces or hung from the ceiling. Check out the full how-to at 100 Handmade.
Glitter Bug

You'll need 14 feet of twine, lots of fabric, scissors and needle and thread. Or ... for those brides and grooms short on time (you aren't alone), buy the original at Everly Lane Design. 
Dessert Flags

Toothpicks, fabric and squiggly scissors give regular desserts, appetizers and finger foods a little colorful flair. Speaking of color, glean some inspiration from this wedding that's not afraid of yellow, blue, purple, pink, red.... 
Cupcake Hearts

Instead of color — go rustic! Try burlap and a stamp (or maybe, if you have a steady hand, a Sharpie will suffice). 
I <3 U Banner

Yarn, scissors, newspaper, paint and a stapler ... pretty easy-peasy. Cut the painted newspaper into strips. We suggest the littlest be about 1.5 feet long with each strip getting bigger by about 4 inches. Crease each strip in the middle to make a heart. Staple in the middle and at the bottom. Repeat and attach. 
Light Up Your Wedding

Disassemble and remake. Tip: If the metal top doesn't unscrew easily, try soaking them in water overnight. 
Colorful Pinwheels

Spice up your aisle with these paper pinwheels from Whimzy Life
Just Married

Here's a little inspiration for you silk screeners (although large stamps will do the trick). Supplies needed: fabric paint, stamp, muslin, ribbon and a needle and thread (or sewing machine).
Buy the original from bpoetic ($45)

Photo credits (from top): Emerson Fry, 100 Handmade, Ashley Meaders, Etsy- Everly Lane Design, Gaia Cornwall, Jo Blake, Bookity, Emma Line Bride, Etsy-Whimzy Life,  and Etsy- BPoetic. 

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