Recipes for the Best Holiday Drinks, Ciders and Nogs

Posted by on Dec 20, 2014

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You may only know the kind of egg nog that comes in a carton. But there was a time when you couldn't just go to the local supermarket and find an aisle full of sweet holiday beverages. You can actually make egg nog and it's much richer than you'd expect. Plus there are variations, like rose and cardamom nog, that you've probably never imagined. And ciders — well, apple is just the beginning! Behold our roundup of the best holiday nog and cider recipes.

cranberry apple cider recipe

Cranberry Apple Cider — Slow Cooker Style

If you cook up a pot of this cranberry apple cider, you won't need to open up can of holiday fragrance; you'll have an all-natural bouquet of spices gently floating around your mistletoe. This easy-to-make crock pot recipe has simple, natural ingredients and it's perfect for the winter season. Warm up after dashing through the snow, rushing through the malls, or enjoying a few laughs with friends. This recipe can also be simmered in a large stock pot.

Holiday cider recipe

Hot Holiday Cider

Traditions have to start somewhere. This hot cider recipe will soon become a family favorite. Sure, you can buy apple cider at the store, but where's the fun in that? This recipe has so many flavors and savory ingredients, you can easily adapt it to suit anyone’s preferences.  Make it on the stove top or in the crock pot — but you should really make it! Any occasion will be more festive with this sweet treat.

almond milk egg nog

Cinnamon Almond Milk Egg-Free Nog

Warm and savory ... this one is like wrapping yourself in a handmade quilt without all the guilt. Make this nog recipe all winter long and you won’t fret about the calories. Add a bit (or a lot) of Amaretto liqueur to highlight the almond flavor. 

cider float recipe
Emily Faziio

Chilled Cider Float

For those of you spending your holiday seasons in a warmer climate, a chilled cider will bring the flavors of the season without making you sweat! Choose a store-bought cider with your favorite ice cream and celebrate the holidays from your beach chair.

vegan nog recipe

Healthy Vegan Nog

The holiday season usually means giving into temptation and gaining a few extra pounds. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for calories with these vegan nog recipes, which are a great option for your family or guests who are sensitive to the ingredients of traditional nogs. Chia or banana ... yum!

Homemade traditional egg nog recipe
Erica Lea

Homemade Traditional Egg Nog

Never made nog, but always wanted to try it? This is a great recipe with traditional ingredients that will ensure you never buy the store brand again. Adjust the recipe to make as much or as little as you need.

rose cardamom egg nog recipe
Erin McIntosh

Rose and Cardamom Eggnog

This rose and cardamom egg nog is a gorgeous twist on holiday tradition. Using organic, aromatic ingredients, this recipe is an elegant accompaniment to your celebrations. Serve chilled and be prepared to warm up with a few ounces of brandy and spiced rum!

pumpkin spice hot apple cider

Pumpkin Spice Hot Apple Cider

This pumpkin spice hot apple cider brings classic seasonal flavors into one hot mug of deliciousness. Top it off with whipped cream to make the holidays even more decadent. An easy recipe to share with everyone, it can be easily adapted for adult drinks, too with a shot of spiced rum. Enjoy a few moments of quiet snuggled up with a mug of this tasty treat and let the season's stress melt away.

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