How to Fold High-Heeled Origami Shoes — Video Tutorial

Posted by on Mar 22, 2014

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Cindy Ng has been a fan of high-heeled shoes ever since she was a child. However, her mom, understandably, wouldn't let her wear them. "She was just being a good mom," explains Cindy. But to show her appreciation of the style, she now folds them out of paper and even turns origami shoes into earrings for her line of jewelry, Origami Bijou. Below you can watch how she makes these origami shoes.

While you don't have to have the paper from "Girligami" to make the shoes, it certainly adds to the style to have the design. You can also draw your own shoes if you study the design carefully. After you watch Cindy explain how to fold the stilettos, you can read the step by step instructions for folding the high-heeled shoes in CraftFoxes' how-to section.

You can even fold the shoes flat and mail them to friend to finish — watch how!

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