How to Make a Pop-Up Card

Posted by on Feb 07, 2015

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Do you remember witnessing the magic and imagination behind pop-up books? You marveled at the colors and images emerging from the page and disappeared into the world of the story through such three-dimensional representations. Those were the days, but don't let the memories escape. Instead, relive the fantasy by making your own pop-up cards and sharing the enchantment with someone you love. In all styles and for all holidays, here are thorough step-by-step tutorials and cool ideas for creating cards that literally stand out.

Camera Pop-Up Card
Brit + Co.
To personalize the card even further, include the card receiver's name or a picture of you two in it pop-up style. The tutorial features three pop-up variations of a typewriter, computer monitor and camera. The pop-ups are so realistic that they look like usable mini pieces of technology. How fun!
Pop-Up Balloon Card
Give a cute birthday card to someone this year with handmade pop-up balloons. These balloons jump off the page and join that special someone in celebration of their special day. The birthday boy or girl will be afloat when they find pop-up balloons made just for them.

Love Pop-Up Word Card
Whether for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or any old day, make your loved one feel special with this unique card. Featuring pop-up word art, this card is both simple and lovely. The word pops out of the solid-colored background, reassuring that special someone of your feelings for them. Since the card and design are otherwise basic, feel free to freehand drawings around the word art or incorporate the word into a message for the card receiver. They'll be sure to love this card.

Gingerbread Pop-Up Card
Help someone have a holly jolly holiday with a gingerbread man pop-up. Adorable yet festive, this little guy will spread holiday cheer to people of all ages. Stick a candy cane in his hand to add to this perfectly sweet gesture.

Pixelated Heart Pop-Up Card
Nerdy and quirky in all the right ways is this pixelated heart pop-up heart. If you're looking for something less mushy gushy and more playful, this is the card for you. Give it to your spouse, significant other, family member, or friend to say "you're special to me." With the pop-up heart template, this card is simple to make and its instructions easie to follow. Just some snips and a lot of heart, and this card to ready to wow.
Pop-Up Dad Card Close-up
In honor of your dad, make him an origami pop-up card for Father's Day this year. This tutorial features an origami letter how-to for creating the "d" and "a" in "dad." How cool! Plus, the twine-and-paper balloons remind Dad that he is worth celebrating. Get crafty with the patterns in honor of a man who is as unique as the card he is receiving.

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