How to Make Your Garage Look Like a Showroom

Posted by on Jun 19, 2022

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Maybe you purchased your dream car and need to give those four wheels the gorgeous home they deserve. Perhaps your garage is your second living room and you want it to seem like an oasis rather than a dungeon. Whatever the reason you want a showroom garage, rest assured that he space can be improved a lot for relatively little money.

Here are a handful of ways to improve the garage that you may not realize can be done for much less cash than what it typically remodel.

Garages don’t often have as much insulation as the rest of the house. Depending on the climate where you live that means your wheel house can be boiling hot or freezing cold, depending on the time of year. YouTuber Cameron Alford had spray foam insulation applied to the roof of his garage for $800. Then he and his dad took two giant Xacto knives and trimmed away the excess so the result looked professional. A garage door insulation kit helps with temperature shifts and also makes the back of the door look like a finished surface.

Stripping and Painting the Floor

One thing that makes a garage look more like a professional showroom is a sleek floor with a clean finish — no oil spills or cracks like most home garage floors have. The professional car showrooms often have epoxy floors, making everything look like you just opened a Matchbox toy kit. When you apply this epoxy floor paint, it creates a seal that makes the surface appear a little smoother.

To prep the cement at the bottom of your garage, rent a floor maintainer. One of these machines will help you remove years of grease and scuffs on your floor. You can rent one from Home Depot for under $100 dollars and it’s the tool you need to prep for installing Epoxy or other flooring. 

Painting the floor may require a primer depending on the material of your garage floor. You may also need to fill and seal any notable cracks. As for painting, be careful and wear a respirator when mixing epoxy paint since the chemical combination can give off toxic fumes. 

Painting the Walls
Fresh-painted walls makes any room look more polished. If the floors match the walls, that makes the space seem more complete. Add Moulding Cover up those odd creases in the corners of the room with simple painted strips of wood nailed into the bottom of the walls.

LED Tube Light Strips 

These bars of light will make it feel like you’re driving onto a music video every time you open the garage door. You can wire the light strips together so they all turn on at once, making your parking space resemble the entryway to a 1980s nightclub or space station. Kevin Rosario put it all together for $400. With a new coat of paint and some lights, your garage will have a new lease on life.

Of course there are other ways to make your garage look more like a showroom, including adding a flatscreen TV and installing professional storage containers. But before you get ahead of yourself, these recommendation should help get you started.


If you want your garage to have a pro or even semi-pro look, you'll probably want matching cabinets. The good ones aren't cheap: You can easily spend thousands of dollars on matching metal cabinets. Event the pretty good ones cost something. Mac Pettit recommends New Age cabinets, which are reasonable priced and will cost you about $1,500 and up for a decent set of cabinets. If you'd like to spend a little less, Home Depot offers Husky cabinets, which should do the job and cost a little under or over $1,000, depending on the number of cabinets you'll need.

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