6 Great Ideas for Travel Scrapbooking

Posted by on Jun 18, 2014

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Scrapbooking is great for everyday memories, but when you go on family vacations, that’s when you really want to preserve those special moments. It can be hard, however, to scrapbook and chronicle everything you’re experiencing while you’re still on the road. Luckily, there are a few tips out there for scrapbooking on the go. Here are six simple ideas to keep in mind when you’re on the road and in need of some scrapbooking help!

scrapbooking supply travel kit
Use a Scrapbooking Travel Kit

When you’re on the go, it’s important to keep your main scrapbooking supplies nearby, and you can do that by constructing a scrapbooking travel kit. For tips and suggestions on what to include in this kit, visit Miss Kitty and the Bears.

Paris mini scrapbook
Create Mini Scrapbooks

You might not be able to bring your larger scrapbooks with you on vacation, but these mini-scrapbooks are a great substitute! You can bring pages along with you on the road, and then assemble them when you’re home. For more on these tips, visit Polka Dot Chair.

Wicker storage basket
Stay Organized

Things can be chaotic on the road, so organization is very important! You can find lots of stylish storage accessories like this wicker basket that fit neatly into your travel luggage to keep everything straight while you’re on the go. For more information, visit Simplify 101.

Scrapbook layout
Record What You Want to Remember

In scrapbooking, it’s important to pare down the memories to what you most want to celebrate on the page. When you’re on the road, take some time each day to jot down your most favorite experiences. This will give you focus when you go back home to create your layouts. For more information, visit Ali Edwards’ blog.

Scrapbooking papers and embellishments

Remember that you can prepare your scrapbook layouts ahead of time! Choose a theme for your trip and create the foundations for your layouts before leaving. Then you can add journaling and ephemera from your trip as you go. For more information, visit Use It Scrapbooking.

black travel journal
Abbreviate Your Process

Sometimes you can’t work on a full scrapbook during holiday trips. Try a travel journal instead - just find a notebook or sketchbook that you like and add mementos and notes as you go. For more information, visit The Babs Blog.

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