Jennifer Paganelli's Vintage Fabric Collection

Posted by on Aug 20, 2012

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Fabric designer and author Jennifer Paganelli gives viewers a look into her fabric design studio, which includes an impressive vintage textiles collection. She has about 2,000 vintage and antique fabrics. "All of these fabrics have a story. Someone had loved them before, and that fascinates me," she says. Paganelli is inspired to design new fabrics by revisiting traditional motifs, and reinterpreting them in a new way. She also keeps design ideas in several journals, and pulls them out to be reminded of particular design elements. This video, courtesy of Downy's "Beyond the Fabric" series, shows a peek into Paganelli's design process as well as how she works with a team to envision and execute new sewing designs and fabric combinations.
Do you find inspiration for new designs based on antique or vintage items? Learn more about Jennifer Paganelli's designs at Sis Boom.

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