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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012

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Beginning knitters dream of clacking away with their needles and creating magazine-perfect projects. Yet nothing can bring those visions crashing down like a flawed pattern or an ugly finished product. To help those new to knitting, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite knitting-for-beginner projects that can be completed with just one stitch, skein or sitting.

beginner knitting hat pattern
Beginner's Hat Trick  

Tweed yarn inspires this beginner knitting project, which uses the stockinette stitch almost exclusively. Try your hand at a DIY pom-pom (with or without the official maker) to add quirky charm. 
You'll need to sign up for a free account at Lion Brand Yarn to grab this knitting pattern for beginners. 
felted nesting bowls for knitting beginners
Never Felt Better Bowls 

Knit bowls offer a charming home decor for the beginner and are great for holding earrings, tiny candies or even party favors. Even better, as long as the yarn used is 100% wool, felting will hide any mistakes. 
CraftFoxes has the free beginner's knitting pattern for the felted nesting bowls. 
pillow knitting pattern for beginners
Pillow Talk

This easy-to-read beginner's knitting pattern creates a rustic-inspired pillow. Buttons allow the pillow form to be removed and washed, and a tight fit prevents the creation from sagging, which often happens with heavily used knitting projects. 
For the free knitting pattern, head to Spud and Chloe.
square afghan knit blanket
Square One 

Looking for an easy beginner knitting project with a big impact? This afghan blanket uses bright squares, which are hand-sewn together along the edges. While this project may get expensive the larger you make the blanket, consider knitting a baby blanket or even just a pillow for a cheaper alternative. 
Grab the free knitting pattern for beginners from Canadian Living.
Lucky Penny Pouch 

This easy knitting project was designed for high-schoolers just learning the craft and uses felting to hide loose or uneven stitches. The garter stitch and a button hole offer a personal touch. 
Download Hattie B. Holtapp's free knitting for beginners pattern.
knit fish for beginners
Fish Out of Water

Develop your increasing and decreasing skills with these easy and quick knit fish. This project doesn’t use the traditional pattern abbreviations and has lots of pictures to help the knitter that's just getting started. 
Want the free knitting pattern for beginners? Click on over to the oddly named Stinky Mom.
keyhole scarf
All Keyed Up 

Half a skein is all you need for this easy, one-piece knit keyhole scarf. Worked flat, this beginner project uses the stockinette pattern, which may curl up since it’s not a reverse stitch (i.e., the front doesn’t look the same as the back), but the curl actually adds to the scarf’s charm. 
Kate Klemp offers a free pattern for this beginner's keyhole scarf.
knit baby blanket
Baby's First Blankie

Lion Brand Yarn offers this baby blanket, a free knitting pattern for beginners. Get creative with this easy project and improvise the pattern to make scarves, pillows or a vintage-inspired cloak when you add a shawl pin.
Head to this CraftFoxes how-to and get the free knitting pattern for beginners. 
knit cowl scarf
Simon Cowl 

Described as great for the absolute beginner, this knit cowl covers several techniques, including binding off, the stockinette and garter stitches as well as ribbing. While these may sound complicated, the beginner knitter can be reassured that this pattern walks knitters through using very basic terms. 
Try out this free knitting pattern for beginners from Isla Webb.
knit flower for beginners
Flower Hour  

A tiny flower offers a quick project even beginners can finish in one hour or less. While the flower is a part of a larger, more complicated scarf pattern, feel free to make just the knit flower and use it to decorate hair bands, sweaters or even pet collars. 
Bernat has the free knitting project for beginners. 

Image credits (from top): Cocobarahorse /, Lion Brand Yarn, Alice Thelma, Spud and Chloe, Canadian Living, Hattie B. Holtapp, Stinky Mom, Kate Klemp, Lion Brand Yarn, Isla Webb and

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