Knot-Tying Techniques for Crafters

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015

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Knots can add distinctive texture to a wide variety of crafts such as jewelry, quilts, embroidery, scrapbooks and more. To add some (k)not-so-average flair to your crafts, try these knot-tying techniques: sailor's knot, Chinese knot and French knot. These knots are guaranteed to bring a fun twist to any design. With these easy-to-follow knot tutorials and cool ideas, your crafts will look original and knot-tastic!

Chinese Knot with Bead in Center
To make a delicate and pretty key chain or charm, follow this Chinese knot tutorial. To form a base on which to work, use push pins to twist the nylon cord around. Experiment with colored and patterned cords, and add a cute bead in the middle to spice it up even more. Simple but lovely, this knot is effortlessly elegant.

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For a bohemian take on a twine jewelry, make a stylish and breezy sailor's knot bracelet. Using a can to wrap the twine around, you can perfect the knot and make a breathable bracelet to fit around your wrist. So versatile and easy to throw on, add this knotted piece to your favorite casual look or use it as a nautical accent to any outfit.

Hand Tied Quilt
To add even more of a personal touch to a handmade quilt, this hand-tied knot accent is just the right amount of adorable, subtle, and unique. Tie in the middle of a small flower or a solid-colored block to give your quilt a slight oomph that does not overwhelm the pattern or other details. Use thread in a contrasting or neutral color to pop against the quilt's background.

Bow Tying with a Fork
To make a little bow accent perfect for scrapbooks or party invitations, tie a short piece of ribbon around a fork. It's super simple and super pretty. Try it out now!

French Dot Constellation Embroidery
Looking for knots that are out of this world? Use this French knot technique to make a constellation-embroidered table runner. Little French knots act as the stars, forming some beautiful celestial configurations. Connect the dots, and create a galaxy of knot-embroidered fun.

Shamballa Bracelet on Wrist
For some more knotted jewelry, try a Shamballa style bracelet with your favorite beads. This technique creates a visually intriguing and sturdy piece of beaded jewelry. With the right color cord and beads, this bracelet can be taken from day to night and be uniquely your fashion aesthetic.

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