Craft Projects to Keep You Cool: Beer Cooler, Ice Wraps, Eye Pillows & More

Posted by on Jun 26, 2015

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Keeping cool in the summer can be a costly and time-consuming project. We rounded up great ideas to keep you and your food and drinks from getting too hot, including an insulated lunch tote, eye pillows, cooler packs and more.
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Mommy Monologue - Laura Larson
Rice-Filled Eye Pillow
Laura Larson, on Mommy Monologue, creates an eye pillow using simple materials that can be heated or cooled! Made on a sewing machine filled with cheap rice, the eye pillow includes a dry scent to make it a little more luxurious. The safety handle at the end ensures you don't have to play hot potato when it's heated.

make your own ice packs
Homemade Ice Packs
Beverly Leetsman uses items you probably have in your house such as corn syrup, rubbing alcohol, salt, dish soap and sponges to make ice packs that are fun and safe to put in your coolers this summer. No sewing needed, just plastic bags and you're done!

Relaxing eye pillow DIY Tutorial
Relaxing Eye Pillow
Another eye pillow from Alyssa & Carla that can be made without a sewing machine! This pillow, made by using your favorite sunglasses as a pattern, is hand stitched and filled with rice. To personalize this pillow, you can add an essential oil to your rice. Whether heated or cool, this pillow is a great day project!

make your own ice packs tutorial
Blue Ice
Jeff Rogers adapts an ice cream–making technique to help keep food cool. By mixing rock salt into water, you can make a super chilly ice pack that can come in bigger sizes than just a plastic bag. Great option for long days on the beach, car trips and larger coolers!

lunch box ice pack
Sarah Rae Smith
Lunch Box Ice Pack
Sarah Rae Smith, on The Kitchn, takes dish soap, food coloring and plastic bags to make colorful, kid-safe ice packs that everyone should try. Making individually colored ice packs could be a great craft day activity!

insulated tote tutorial
Insulated Tote
Zaaberry presents a great personalized tote that can go with you everywhere. This washable wonder, with its insulating fabric, will be a staple of summer lunch.

Reusable, Insulated Ice Packs
Reusable, Insulated Ice Packs
Polar Bear Tubes as seen on Do It Yourself RV! Using PVC pipes filled with water is an easy and leak-proof approach to keep your drinks and food cool this summer.
Cedar Cooler
Shanty 2 Chic takes old, discarded items and turns them into gold! This DIY cooler is great example of taking a plain Styrofoam cooler and making it chic and beautiful. This creation does need power tools (perfect for boyfriends wanting to play) but the end result is worth the time!

Beer Tap
Ever want a cold one while out at a barbecue or picnic? Instructables shows how to turn an old cooler into portable Beer Tap with just a quick trip to a home improvement store. Be aware that some tubing is better than others and always ask for help from professionals if you're unsure about what you're doing.

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