Making Home Décor with Duck Tape

Posted by on Dec 12, 2016

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Home decor is one of the easiest things to DIY as well as one of the easiest ways to add a strong element of design to your home. Usually, tape is used for practical purposes, as to tape off a corner of the wall when painting. You might not think to use the tape as a crafting medium. However, with amazing patterns and designs available (many from the Duck Tape brand), and added inspiration from our Craftys judge, Amy Anderson, incorporating duct tape into your home decor will seem like a no-brainer. 

Amy Anderson, author of Mod Podge Rocks blog, has a plethora of home decor related crafts to share. In spite of her blog's name, Mod Podge isn't the only adhesive product she's using in her craft construction. Many of her projects incorporate duct tape as well.

Duck Tape is a proud sponsor of The Craftys 2016 Duct Tape Crafts category!

Marquee Letters

duck tape marquee letters
Marquee letters have become a huge trend in home decor, mainly for the kitchen. While marquee letters look great as is, you can give them an extra decorative boost by using duct tape as a background insert, as Anderson did. Anderson used Duck Brand's shiny Silver Scroll pattern of tape, which really plays well against the lights of the marquee letters. (Insert image here).

Duct Tape Silhouette

Duck Tape Deer Head Silhouette
If you're really looking for a challenge, you can create images out of duct tape to stick directly onto a canvas. Anderson made a deer head canvas out of one of Duck Brand's patterns. First, she created the deer silhouette. She then attached the duct tape to white paper and cut out the design following the silhouette. She secured the deer's head to the canvas using none other than mod podge of course. For the full tutorial, visit Amy Anderson's blog.

Holiday Garlands and Gift Tags

holiday garland and gift tag duct tape
With the holidays coming up, there are limitless ideas for DIY holiday decor. Instead of buying expensive garlands and lights, you can actually use duct tape. Duck brand makes a dry erase adhesive, which can be used for reusable gift tags. Duck brand makes many seasonal patterns and colors that work well for creating garlands and gift wrap! 
Duck Brand offers numerous patterns and colors, making it easy to find anything that fits with your overall design aesthetic. 

Duct tape crafting fans be sure to enter your project to the Craftys 2016!

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