Making Lights Out of Things You’d Never Expect

Posted by on Sep 22, 2011

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Plastic Bag Pendant 

Plastic bags may be the bane of environmental-istas everywhere, but don't let that stop you from making this unique recycle pendant lamp. Just hoard the plastic bags you get when you forget your reusable T-shirt grocery bag at home until you have enough to make this upcycled lamp. 
Head to The 3 R's Blog for the free plastic bag pendant lamp tutorial!

diy string pendant lamp
String Pendant Lamp 

When was the last time you used balloons for a serious craft? This pendant light mixes them with paper mache for an elegant lace look. 
Get the free string pendant lamp tutorial from Made By Girl!
stacked book lamp
Stacked Books Lamp 

Who hasn't wanted to stick it to their English teacher and take a drill to boring backs? Just be sure that you haven't actually gotten your hands on a signed first edition. Big mistake. 
Head to HGTV to get the free stackbooks lamp tutorial!
diy lava lamp
DIY Lava Lamp 

Lava lamps – are they so nerdy that they're actually cool yet? Whether it's fashion or nostalgia that brings you back, consider making your own lava lamp as another simple craft for children. 
Get the free lava lamp tutorial from Instructables!
lego table lamp
Lego Table Lamp 

No luck finding a written-out tutorial for crafting this lamp, but hey, it's Legos. Use your imagination! 
Otherwise, visit Abbie Bocan's Etsy shop to purchase the whole lamp.
diy plastic spoon chandelier
Plastic Spoon Chandelier 

Made from recycled spoons, this lamp captures a 1920s flapper chic that rivals more traditional chandeliers. I wonder if it comes in Spork.... 
Check out the plastic spoon chandelier from StudioVerissimo, or make your own plastic spoon chandelier with this free tutorial from The Chive!


scrap paper starburst pendant lamp shade
Scrap Paper Starburst Pendant 

A paper lantern isn't so uncommon, but a shaggy starburst pendant that bears a striking resemblance to the Abominable Snowman? Unexpected. Consider shading the tips of each paper wing for an added contrast. 
Learn how to make this paper scrap starburst pendent from Design*Sponge!
tree stump floor lamp
Stump Floor Lamp 

"Stumped" by what to do? Just think of all the good (and not so good) puns you'll hear after featuring this unique light in your home. If gathering materials from your local forest, be sure to grab thoroughly dried wood that's free of creepy-crawlies — those guests never know when to leave. 
Learn how to use wood to make your own light from Handmadeology!
tea cups table lamp
Teapot Table Lamp 

This stacked teapot lamp demands center stage for its mismatched elegance. Use vintage finds or your own chipped cupboard castaways. 
Make your own teapot lamp with this free tutorial from My Repurposed Life!
wine barrel crate lantern
Wine Barrel Lantern 

You could just pay the $998 price tag to own this wine barrel lantern. Or, try making it on your own? Totally your call. If wine barrels aren't handy, keep a lookout for unwanted apple crates or whiskey barrels. 
Head to Remodelista to check out this unique wine barrel lantern.
wine bottle table lamp
Wine Bottle Table Lamp 

Christmas lights get bored waiting for their once-a-year spotlight, so give them a summertime workout with this unique wine bottle lamp. After drilling a hole near the bottom (wear a face mask to avoid sucking up particle glass), simply stuff the bottle with the tiny twinkles. Use a row of these bottle lamps for a late summer centerpiece or even an all-year window display. 
Learn how to make this wine bottle table lamp from Wit and Whistle!

Image credits from top:  The 3 R's Blog, Made by Girl, HGTV, Sergio Mendes, Abbie Bocan, Studio Verissimo, Gabrielle Guy, Handmadeology, Gail Wilson, Fancesca Connolly, Amanda Wright


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