Gooey Sweet Marshmallow Treats (and S'mores, Too!)

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014

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Gooey, chewy, sweet and even savory ... marshmallows are staples in most pantries. S'mores, the quintessential marshmallow treat, can be enjoyed in front of a campfire, in front of the TV, or with guests at a dinner party. Yum!

homemade gourmet flavored marshmallows
I'm told you haven't really had a marshmallow until you've tried a homemade marshmallow. Apparently the store-bought version in the plastic bag is, well, just fluff. Check out this recipe for gourmet marshmallows from scratch — you can add any flavoring you want!

unicorn barf mini marshmallow bars
This cheerful and colorful mini marshmallow treat has a not so cheerful (but oh so colorful) name ... unicorn barf! For those of you who love picking out the charms from that lucky box of cereal, this marshmallow recipe is just for you.
A rich, fudgy brownie sits between a graham cracker crust made from scratch and a layer of gooey, toasted marshmallows. S'mores brownie pie ... it's what's for dinner.

grilled croissant smores
I think I actually drooled on my keyboard when I saw this idea for grilled croissant s'mores. Simply divine.

savory marshmallow crostini
And now for a little something savory ... smore-d'hoeuvres! Steak crostini with bleu cheese marshmallows ... Must. Have. Now. 
bacon smores
Of course bacon has to get a piece of the act. This is a fun way to weave the greasy goodness into a "cracker."

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