Natural Homemade Moisturizer Recipes

Posted by on Apr 02, 2014

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Natural moisturizers and homemade beauty products are becoming more and more popular. Last year, I made an investment into a number of natural oils and started making my own moisturizers. Using natural oils completely changed the look and feel of my skin. If your skin has suffered from the drying effects of winter, I implore you to try a DIY moisturizer. They are easy to make, all natural, and much cheaper than store brands. Judging by the velvety way my skin feels now, I think they are definitely worth it. I have picked a few of my favorite natural homemade moisturizer recipes and hope they help your skin feel as soft as mine! After you pick which moisturizer you want to try, check out this DIY Facial Mask How-to to complete your skin makeover.

Extra Rich and Moisturizing

Easy Homemade Body Butter Recipe
Simple Natural Moisturizing Body Butter

This is a basic whipped body butter recipe that will get you started in the world of DIY beauty. Only 3 ingredients are used and they are easy to handle.
Jen over at Drawstrings Under the Table shares her Easy Whipped Body Butter Recipe
DIY Whipped Shea Body Butter
Whipped Shea Butter

Susan from Rawmazing shares her recipe on how to make a decadent body butter. She has great pictures and lots of details on the process.
Head over to Rawmazing for the Shea Body Butter Recipe.
Homemade Natural Eczema Cream
Homemade Natural Eczema Cream

I have a bad spot of eczema near my elbow that gets terrible during the dry months. Not many things help it but I have found that the combination of oats and olive oil does a pretty good job of calming it down. 
Brandee from Chic Self shares her Homemade Eczema Cream Recipe

Cool and Refreshing

DIY Peppermint Bark Body Butter
Whipped Peppermint Bark Body Butter

Peppermint is great for sore, dry and cracked areas of your skin. I love to use it on my feet. This body butter will give you a cooling sensation while healing your skin. 
Find the Peppermint Body Butter Recipe at Fit and Fab Living.
DIY Cooling Aloe Mint Lotion
Eye Opening Aloe Mint Lotion

Need some extra healing power? Aloe may do the trick. This recipe has a large ratio of aloe in it which means it will really benefit your skin's health. 
Find the recipe for the Cooling Aloe Mint Body Lotion at GI 365. 

Bright and Uplifting Citrus

DIY Ruby Red Grapefruit Lotion Recipe
Ruby Red Grapefruit Lotion

This lotion is made with grapefruit and a hint of almond. The scent of grapefruit brings warmer weather to mind. It really brightens the senses too. 
Head over to The Daily Squeeze for the Ruby Red Grapefruit Whipped Lotion Recipe.
Lemon Cream DIY Body Butter
Lemon Cream Body Butter

The name of this body butter just makes my mouth water. Lemon beauty products smell amazing. This DIY Recipe sounds great for summer. A big thanks to Kari from GI 365 for sharing her creation. 
Head over to her blog for the Lemon Cream Body Butter Recipe.
Mango Citrus Body Butter and Apricot Face Scrub Recipes
Mango Citrus Body Butter 

Mangos are just plain delicious. They perk me up and this body butter would be great for those days I am dragging my feet. Stephanie from Garden Therapy shares this recipe and a bonus apricot face scrub recipe on her blog. 
Find the instructions for the Mango Citrus Body Butter at Garden Therapy.


DIY Coffee Body Butter Recipe
Coffee Lovers Body Butter

I don't know about you, but I love coffee. Not only is it delicious, but the natural caffeine in it also has uses for skin care. Amanda from the Earthy Apothecary shows us how to make this body butter. She adds vanilla essential oil to her recipe to make it more of a latte body butter. Yum!
Find the recipe for the Coffee Body Butter at Earthy Apothecary. 

Calming Floral

DIY Lavender Body Butter Recipe
Lavender Body Butter

Lavender is a popular floral fragrance that evokes a calming effect. Dana from Bueno Vida shares this recipe and two other body butter recipes (rosemary and lemongrass) on her blog. 
Find the recipe for the Lavender Body Butter on her blog. 
Coconut Rose Body Butter
Coconut Rose Body Butter

Just thinking about this combination makes me melt. I love rose and coconut, so this would be the perfect moisturizer for me. Shannon Buck came up with this relaxing combo and shared it on her DIY beauty blog. 
For more information on this Coconut Rose Body Butter Recipe visit Fresh Picked Beauty. 

On The Move

DIY Non-greasy Moisturizer Recipe
Non-Greasy Homemade Moisturizer

Many of us have busy schedules and work with our hands. Slathering decadent lotions may not be the most practical option for everyday life. Don't worry though, Andrea from Frugally Sustainable came up with a non-greasy moisturizer recipe. 

Don't forget to stop by our DIY Bath and Body Board on Pinterest for more DIY recipes and tutorials.

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