Furnish Your Home with DIY Origami Decor (VIDEO)

Posted by on Nov 09, 2017

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November 11th is National Origami Day, and what better way to spend the day than to make DIY origami home decor? If you're looking for the best origami tutorials around, then we've got you covered. Put your paper folding skills to the test with these video how-tos that show you not only how to fold origami style but how to transform your home with your new 3D art. With a little patience and craftiness, you can take origami from seeming complex to looking easy and effortless.

This flower origami tutorial from YouTube channel epicabundance shows you how to make several different flowers varying in design and appearance. Once you've mastered making these beautiful flowers, you can hang them either from the ceiling or on the wall. Also, feel free to use smaller flowers as potpourri or chain them together into a spring-worthy flower garland.

Remember those origami fortune tellers you made as a child? Well, did you ever think that they could come in handy again? From YouTube channel DIY Hellopie, this origami fortune teller lantern tutorial calls for a bunch of fortune tellers and a ready-made lantern. With a hot glue gun, cover the lantern's exterior with the fortune tellers for lighting that looks delicate but divine.

Add a bit of whimsy to any room by following along with this origami butterfly video by YouTube channel SaraBeautyCorner. Made with one square piece of paper, these butterflies are really easy to whip up. Play around with paper size and color for a rainbow of DIY variation. Attach your new fluttery friends to a wall or lampshade as a lovely addition to your home decor.

Bring an origami touch to displaying your artificial flowers with this star vase how-to from YouTube channel Paper Folds-Origami & Crafts! Keep in mind that your vase may vary in size depending on the size of the paper you use. For even more visual appeal, use paper that has different-colored sides to distinguish between the sides and top of the vase.

Featured both on YouTube and on Origamitutorials.com, this origami crane wreath tutorial takes a beautiful spin on the classic origami crane. Once you learn how to construct the cranes, you can attach them together using the folds in each crane. This wreath is the epitome of crafty cool, so show it off as wall or door art.

When the holidays come around, you may not have the room or money for a big tree, so try this inexpensive DIY solution. This origami Christmas tree video by YouTube channel Jo Nakashima teaches you how to make the tree and base. This multiple-piece tree does not require glue to make the pieces stick together, making construction easier and faster. Spread holiday cheer by displaying a few throughout your home and sharing them as gifts for your loved ones to enjoy.

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