Paper Mache Ideas for Your Home

Posted by on Nov 08, 2012

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A great and thrifty option for decorating your home is to make some decor pieces from paper mache. Paper mache may also be called "papier-mâché," which is the French spelling for this crafting technique. In terms of crafting, paper mache is generally made from strips of newspaper that have been soaked in adhesive. The adhesive may be made of water and flour, and Elmer’s glue may be added to the mixture. Crafters often use balloons as forms for paper mache crafts, plastering the balloon with strips of newspaper to create their desired shape. Whatever your method, these seven crafts are a great place to start when adding some fun paper mache items to your home decor.

A planter made from a yogurt container coated in paper mache.
Paper Mache Planter

This planter is a super cheap and easy way to fill your home with flowers or create your own herb garden. You’ve already invested in some seeds, so why not save some money on the planter? All you’ll need for this craft project is an empty yogurt container, newspaper, and some water and flour to make your paper mache paste. It’s a thrifty way to put your green thumb on display and it can be fun for kids, too! 
For full directions, visit Frugal Living Now
Ball-shaped party lights made from paper mache.
Paper Mache Party Lights

Adorable adornments for your backyard party don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. These paper mache party lights are made by coating blown-up water balloons with strips of paper mache. Once dry, you pop the balloon inside and leave the paper mache shell behind. To create your party lights, simply hang up a string of Christmas lights and attach your paper mache bulbs to the wires with a Christmas light twinkling inside. 
For more directions on paper mache lights, visit Reese Dixon.
Bowl made from paper mache and decorated with old book pages.
Paper Mache Bowl

This paper mache bowl can be the perfect centerpiece for your dining room table or a place to keep your keys. To create the bowl, use a plastic bowl of any size as your mold. Then coat the bowl with strips of newspaper dipped in paper mache paste. Once that has dried, you can remove the plastic bowl and you’ll have your paper mache bowl ready to decorate! The example shown here is decorated with old book pages, which gives the bowl a really awesome look.
For full instructions on the paper mache bowl, visit The Lulu Bird.
Box made of paper mache and decorated with colored triangles.
Paper Mache Boxes

Shoeboxes are a great way to store stray belongings around your home, photos, or CDs. The only problem is that those boxes are usually covered in unsightly branding. To solve that problem, you can make your own paper mache boxes! Cut five squares of cardboard and use tape to affix them in the shape of a box. Next, cover the cardboard box with three layers of paper mache strips. Once you’ve done that — decorate and personalize!
For full instructions on the paper mache boxes, visit eHow.
Vases made from old bottles covered in paper mache.
Paper Mache Vases

Once you’ve grown your flowers in your new paper mache planter, you’ll want a place to keep them. These great vases can be made from old bottles once they’re empty and you’ve washed them. After that, simply cover the bottle with paper mache strips, let those dry and then decorate with paint or stickers. 
For more directions on paper mache vases, visit Creative Jewish Mom
Stack of teacups made from paper mache.
Paper Mache Teacups

These cute paper mache teacups may not be fit for actual tea, but they’re great decorative pieces for your home. All you need is some good, sturdy cardboard coated with strips of paper mache. Once that has dried, you’re free to paint charming, delicate patterns on your teacup. 
For the paper mache teacup template, visit ann wood.
A large letter
Paper Mache Letter

If you’re looking for a crafty way to decorate a child’s room — or your own room — check out this paper mache letter project. To make these large wall decorations, you can craft your chosen letter out of a cereal box or any spare cardboard you have lying around. Then cut out cardboard strips to make the letter 3-D on your wall. Once you have your letter, simply cover the cardboard in paper mache strips, let dry and then paint it to match your room. 
For more instructions on the paper mache letter, visit Green Zebra Crafts.

Credits: Frugal Living Now, Green Zebra Crafts, Reese Dixon, The Lulu Bird, Creative Jewish Mom, ann wood, and eHow.

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