Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him or Her

Posted by on Jan 22, 2022

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and if you are stumped about what to do, look no further. Some people just seem to have everything, so how do you show them your love and appreciation? Going handmade with gifts is always a great fix when you are unsure of what to get and want something unique. DIY this Valentine's Day with these gifts that he or she will be sure NOT to have.

Embroidered Cup Sleeve with Heart Pocket
When your love is about to leave home in the morning, send them off with your heart and a little love note. This felt and burlap cup sleeve features a button closure and a cute heart pocket. This gift is perfect for warming hearts and glass cups.

Handmade Beer Bottle Labels
For the wine or beer drinker in your life, customize their favorite drink with a personal message or cute saying as an adorable, custom-made label. Stock up on card stock and grab some puffy paint to adorn the labels with their favorite love expressions. Get creative with glitter, doilies and embellishments for added fun and flavor.
Vintage Photos in Mason Jars Preserved with Vegetable Oil
Preserve those picture-perfect moments in vintage glory. Using vegetable oil, pictures and Mason jars, you can put life back into those old photos. For an even more rustic and earthy vibe, throw some dried flowers into the Mason jar. This is a personal and gorgeous gift to celebrate year after year.
Quilled Heart Key Chain
Give the love of your life the key to your heart with this adorable quilled heart key chain. With a free printable background image, this gift keeps on giving, even to you. This is a cool but inexpensive alternative to a store-bought card. With their new valentine key chain, your loved one will adore the cuteness and originality you put into this craft everywhere they go.
Sheet Music Paper Basket
Unique and practical, a heart-shaped basket made from sheet music and ribbon is romantic and perfect for storing love mementos. Once done, put little love notes or lightweight candy in it for something extra special for that extra special someone. This gift is a quick and fun project that can last and be enjoyed for years to come.

Heart-in-hand Gloves
Now, they can wear your heart on their ... gloves. As a love-ly accessory and romantic gesture, these heart-in-hand gloves capture the warmth of love even at the coldest of times. Embroider the heart on their favorite gloves or in their favorite color, and your love will appreciate the gift at hand.

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