How to Use a Serger — National Sewing Month

Posted by on Sep 03, 2014

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Happy National Sewing Month! Every Wednesday this month, we'll be sharing some great resources for hand and machine sewing. Get your stitch on!

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Amy Alan -
I'm not going to lie to you — serger sewing intimidates me a bit. Do you feel that way, too? I'm a beginner sewer — I've been quite happy with my whopping two whole stitches (straight or zig-zag) on my grandma's old Singer for just about everything I want to sew. But serging intrigues me — I know it's supposed to be the fastest and easiest way to finish off hems, fabric edges and seams with a wide variety of fancy stitches. Sergers make it easier to work with more challenging fabrics like knits, denim, fleece, organza and silk. So I went looking for posts and videos that would dole it all out to me in layman's terms.

I found a great article by Maris Olsen on where she describes why she loves her serger:

"It was the machine that enabled me to accomplish ANY sewing at all. Sergers are FAST. With a serger, you can quickly repair torn seams, make a pair of PJs for a growing-too-fast child, or whip up a quick gift for any occasion."

Maris shares helpful tips and advice for what kind of serger to buy, plus she highlights eight different stitches, four of which she says she can't live without. 

Craftsy also offers two online classes on serger sewing:

Wawak Sewing


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Ashley Johnston shared a helpful post a few years ago about her decision to buy a serger — she has lots of tips about the machine and the kinds of stitches you can do. 

Vernelle Nelson talks about her top 5 favorite serger machines for 2014 — based on affordability, user-friendliness, stitch quality, as well as noise and vibration levels. The Review Squad also listed their choices for the top 3 sergers for beginners.

A serger is an investment for sure, but if you're ready to kick your sewing up to the next level, I suspect you'll pay for it in no time with all the money you'll save from making your own fashionable wardrobe!

Stay tuned — next Wednesday we'll be sharing some fabulous and creative embroidery patterns!

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