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Posted by on May 07, 2017

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Sewing a tote bag is a basic sewing craft for beginners. Take two equal-sized pieces of fabric, sew three sides and attach on two straps. Voila! With little to no creativity, we have crafted a handmade tote bag. But let us not be so quick to denigrate the humble, handy tote. Indeed, the tote bag can be a blank canvas to express personality, politics and even priorities.

Simple (Reversible) Tote Bag 

For those nervous but wanting to dip their toe into the world of tote bags, start here. Beverly's has a unique bag with detailed steps. Use geometric and patterned fabrics to stop simple from becoming boring. Get the free Simple Reversible Tote Bag pattern from Beverly's!

Fused Plastic Tote Bag 

Eco glam takes center stage with this creative use of under-appreciated materials. Using a method for fusing plastic bags, create a sheet of fabric with old bags, wax paper and a hot iron. Use flat seams to line the inside of a pre-existing tote, now making it water resistant. Being green never looked so good!
Get free tutorials for fusing plastic for a tote bag from ThreadBanger

ipod tote bag
iPhone/Smart Phone Tote Bag 
If you’re one who can’t be separated from your music, then this tote is a perfect match. A common alteration — sewing on pockets to a pre-fab tote — is updated here by using plastic mesh as a speaker screen. While originally made for an iPod, the project also works just fine for most smart phones.
Get the free iPod Tote Bag pattern from Instructables!

Felt Tote Bag

Guidecentral English explains how to model a felt bag on a magazine. The result is minimalist cute and easy to do.

Tote Bag with Vinyl Iron-Ons

If you've ever seen a tote bag with a clever phrase and thought "Where can I get one of those?" or, even better, "I have an idea for my own bag!" you can make your baggy dreams come true. In this tutorial, Coconut Robot explains how to use the Brother Scan N' Cut to make the iron-on letters, but you can also buy designed letters.

Tank Tote Bag

Upcycle old clothes into an awesome handbag! Depending on the instructions you use, sewing may not even be necessary. Here Niki and Gabi from "DIY or Don't" test out instructions they found on Pinterest. 

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