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Posted by on Sep 03, 2012

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Located in northeast Minneapolis, Crafty Planet is the perfect crafting store for your do-it-yourself urges. When they found that no one in the Twin Cities carried the fabrics and crafting materials they were looking for, owners Trish and Matt started their own place! Crafty Planet carries fabrics, yarn and a section of craft kits for kids, as well as how-to books for you to peruse. In their own words, Crafty Planet seeks to get you the “coolest craft stuff in the galaxy.” There are classes available for you to learn specialized crafts, such as their upcoming "Sew a Tote" workshop on September 6th. They even offer an option to have private classes and parties for you and your friends to learn crafting together. 

Check out Crafty Planet via the shop's blog and Facebook.

Here are some interesting tidbits about the store from co-owner Trish!

Why the name ‘Crafty Planet’?

Matt & I are very into space-age type stuff like rockets, robots, spacecraft, stars, etc. We loved the idea of there being a whole planet out there, somewhere, devoted to craft.

If a knitting beginner came into your store, what’s the first thing you would tell them?

I'd advise them to be patient with themselves, and try to remember what it was like as a kid having to practice something several times before getting good at it.

What sets Crafty Planet apart from other craft stores?

Besides our unique, and extensive, breadth of fabric which is hard to find at a bricks-and-mortar store, we try to be very warm, welcoming, and accessible to ANYONE who walks in our door. Whether it's a total novice, or a seasoned pro, we want our customer to get all the help he or she needs. We've had so many male customers say they feel more welcome and more comfortable in our store than others they've been to; likewise our beginning crafters rave about our helpfulness. That's what we live for! If we don't have what you need, we'll try hard to find out if we have something that will suit, or where you can get it!

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