Celebrity DIY — We Shop for Mindy Kaling's Next Pillow

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014

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Dear Mindy,
While we missed your birthday (sorry about that), we noticed in the "Wine Time" wine review video that your office couch is lined with quite a few cute pillows. And since every casting couch can use another clever pillow, we want to suggest some more lovely options for you. Let us know which pillow you would prefer, and it's yours. (For those who want to see Mindy and Marissa Ross review wine, scroll down, we embedded the video below.)

Like a Boss Pillow
That Tee Shirt Guy

"Like a Boss"

As one of the few women in Hollywood who writes, directs and stars in her own sitcom, you have earned the right to strut "like a boss."

burlap heart pillow
Amore Beaute

Burlap Heart Pillow

You're a person who loves the idea of love; romance moves you to tears and keeps you hopeful. Some wear their heart on their sleeves, now you can place yours on your sofa

sequin throw pillow
Amore Beaute

Black Geometric Sequin Pillow

The sequined stiletto sandals you wore to your 35th birthday celebration embodied all the glitz and glamour that comes to mind when one thinks of Vegas (and Mindy Kaling). Relive that magical night every time you look at this beautifully designed pillow.

geometric throw pillows
Why 1987

Geometric Color Throw Pillows

Writing a script is all about taking random ideas and forming a cohesive, hilarious story. Whenever your team hammers out a script, tell them to "look to the pillow" as seemingly mismatched elements come together to produce these beautiful, geometric designs.

retro throw pillow
Bachelorette Beauty

Black & White Retro

Your feature in the December 2013 issue of Entertainment Weekly showed you in a white dress that channeled old Hollywood with your large black glasses. That contrast of geek chic and classic glamour is shown in this pillow choice as well. Black and white are always a winning combination!

Watch Mindy Kaling's appreciation for wine and pillows live in action on the "Wine Time" review show.

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