Stupid Cute Sock Crafts

Posted by on May 08, 2014

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These sock crafts are so fun and "stupid" cute. Below, you can check out tutorials on how to make all of these awesome crafts out of this under-appreciated wardrobe staple. Now, when you come up missing that one pesky sock from the dryer, you'll know what to do with it.

Lion Sock Puppet

Why not spend the day with your favorite kid or kiddies putting on a puppet show? Sounds like fun! A staff member from the Houston Zoo talks you through how to make a lion sock puppet and more jungle creatures.  

Sock Horse
Sock Horse

Giddy up, cowboy! Your little tyke will be gallivanting around the yard in no time with this easy sock horse from Danyelle at dandee.

Baby Sock Bouquet
Misty, CraftFoxes
Baby Sock Bouquet

CraftFoxes member Misty explains how to use baby socks to create this beautiful and practical bouquet for a great baby shower gift that is sure to be talked about for months afterwards. 

Sock Zombie

This craft project from Halloween is super cute for anytime of the year. Becky Stern walks you through how to make your very own zombie. 

Traditional Sock Monkey
Paula Hendrickson, CraftFoxes
Sock Monkey

CraftFoxes member Paula Hendrickson explains a little history behind the whole sock monkey phenomena that started with Rockford Red Heel Socks. Paula also walks you through how to knit your own socks on her blog!
Frida Kahlo sock monkey
Frida Kahlo Sock Monkey

For the art enthusiast, there is even a Frida Kahlo sock monkey. Katarina Thorsen proves the sky is the limit if you apply a little creativity with sock crafts. She shares how-to tutorials and her latest projects on her blog Self-Expression Thru the Sock
Sock Owl
Sock Owl

This sock owl from author Brenna Maloney of Sockology and Socks Appeal is a hoot to create. Check out her many free patterns on her site


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