The Best Videos for Craft Room Organization (VIDEO)

Posted by on Jan 07, 2015

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Getting your craft room organized not only requires focus and willpower, but also some great tips and inspiration. We collected some of the best craft room makeover videos as well organizational tips. You don't necessarily need a lot of money to get your craft room in order. Some of the videos we highlight feature clever dollar store finds and IKEA hacks. However, you will likely need some containers, either washed out vegetable cans or handmade baskets. Get ready to be excited about getting all your glues and pens in a row.

If you want to aim toward a creating a room that would be almost any crafter's envy, take a look at Nikki's from "At Home with Nikki." She inventively uses containers she got from Lowe's, Amazon and TJ Maxx to create a d├ęcor that would make Martha Stewart proud. Plus you'll also see fun tips that using low-cost IKEA wall rods for hanging tools.

AJ's craft room is focused more on function and less on finery, but it still accomplishes what needs to be done with quite a bit of systematic smarts. She took over one of her kids' bedrooms, and put up a peg board and several wall units to create a workshop space. A good reminder to a want to makeover their craft room: Put up images of things that make you happy, whether that's inspirational quotes or family photos, since you'll hopefully be spending a good amount of time in the room and want to be content while you're there.

Afraid all this craft room remodeling is going to cost you more than a few bottles of glitter? Silki the Crafty Diva explains how she remade her craft room using things she owned or items she purchased at the dollar store. She refashioned drawer organizers from Walmart and hung them on the wall for her bottles and also took a piece of wood, some paint and a jar lid and built a hot glue gun holder.

Of course, if you can afford a professional team from IKEA to redo your craft room and have an unlimited expense account, well, the results are pretty impressive. If you never thought craft room organization could bring someone to tears, just watch.

For a final bit of inspiration, Angela Conklin demonstrates how she redid her craft room for under $100 with some clever hacks, several baskets and a good amount of paint.

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