The Best Videos to Learn How to Crochet a Granny Square

Posted by on May 02, 2016

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Learning how to crochet a granny square is a great beginner project. Granny squares can be used as the building blocks for numerous projects including afghans, blankets, sweaters, vests, ponchos, trivets and more. Look closely at a granny square and you'll realize there are several variations, including ones that look like sunflowers, hearts, and have faces. The videos includes here focus on traditional granny squares, which typically have open sections of the pattern, and filled in granny squares, which have fewer holes.

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Jayday InStitches explains the process of crocheting a granny square keeping in mind that beginners often need to go slowly through the process of creating knits, chains and stitches. This is a multi-color granny square, but you can also start with a single color if that's easier. 

New Stitch a Day's instruction is for a single color crochet granny square. This video tutorial is particularly nice because the pattern is shown on-screen as the teacher speaks. It also has links on the left to the different rounds in case you get lost and need to redo a part of the granny square or want to review a section before moving forward.

Still missing a few details about how to make a granny square? Sometimes an English accent can help. HappyBerry Crochet creates a granny square with alternating colors in this how-to. She speaks slowly through the stitches and steps. You'll start to notice that there are small variations even among traditional granny squares.

Tamara Kelly from Moogly explains that if you can stitch double crochet and chains you can also create a solid granny square. A solid granny square often still has holes like a traditional one, but less of them. Some granny square patterns you'll find are completely filled in.

Shelley Husband's chainless version of a granny square shows an alternative way to stitch a blanket or scarf.

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