The Best Videos to Learn How to Paint with Oils

Posted by on Oct 05, 2021

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Learning how to paint with oils is a pursuit that can take a lifetime. But maybe you don't have a lifetime to work on it. We've collected some of the best videos about oil painting for beginners, including tutorials on how to draw shapes, work with brushes and prime a canvas.

A new painting student probably want to watch all of the videos before setting up an easel and applying brush to canvas, but Andy Walker gets things started by demonstrating basic shape drawing and mixing colors. It's the first lesson of his course at, so if you like his teaching technique you can continue the tutorial.

Anyone who wants to become a painter has to find a great place to practice. While that may seem like an obvious topic, you'll need an area with steady supply of natural daylight that's well ventilated (given the paint fumes) and can be covered in paint with little concern. In Andrew Whyte's introductory video, you'll also learn how he adapted a computer table into painting easel as well as some considerations for painting supplies.

In case you need some tips on how to set up an art studio at home, check out these tips from


Learn How 2 illustrates how beginners can use a grid to help maintain proportional images. Appreciating the concepts of shading is great to understand as soon as possible.

In Pierre Giroux's introductory video, he explains how he uses linseed oil to increase the drying time for the paint and also how he sets up his palette. He also discusses the brushes and colors he chooses and why.

Walking into a art supply store to buy painting materials for the first time can be extremely confusing. Painting for Beginners goes into details about the distinctive properties of bristle brushes and when to use them.


There are three basic rules most oil painters abide by. Fat over lean. Thick over Thin. Slow-drying over fast. If those concepts are foreign to you, watch a video that explains why these concepts are so important.

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