The Very Essential Yarn Stash

Posted by on Dec 14, 2012

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Planet Penny Cotton Club


Yarn stashes have a bad rap, eliciting images of squirrels, clutter and hoarding. Yet knitting blogger Mary Mooney offers a clever exploration into the depths of the stash while also writing a mini-manifesto for why a yarn stash is so essential, despite what our family and roommates whisper behind our back. For example, Mary describes the Destination Yarn, hanks and skeins that will later become a hat or scarf for someone else and is therefore essential. Then there's the Luxury Yarn, which sits in our stash like a decadent box of forbidden chocolates, the best cure for a bad day. She explores all the other essential yarns to our stash, clear enough for even the non-yarnie to understand why we must have our lovely, luscious stash.
To learn more about what yarns you have hiding away, head to The Oregonian.

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