Turn Those Fun Instagram Photos Into Cool DIY Decor

Posted by on Mar 16, 2016

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Ever had spaghetti sauce all over your face, and no one decided to tell you about it? Or, have you accidentally photobombed a family's picture while making a less-than-flattering face? From spit takes to walking right into glass doors, we've all been there. Sometimes we've even been lucky enough to have someone capture these moments on camera. *insert facepalm emoji* In honor of embarrassing Instagram photos, let's embrace their awkwardness and turn them into insta-worthy projects that you will cherish and laugh about...hopefully.

Instagram Pop Blocks
Mark Montano
Pop Blocks

Blocks aren't just for kids anymore. Turn some colorful wooden cubes into cute little picture displays thanks to this tutorial from Mark Montano. A handful of black-and-white photosno matter how awkwardwould look simply superb against a wooden neon background. Finish off with some polycrylic, and enjoy!

Instagram Stir

Stir your embarrassment away with these adorable Instagram stirrers made by Anniemade. Commemorative and quirky, these stirrers are the perfect addition to any wedding reception, anniversary party, or birthday celebration. Resize fun pics into stirrer toppers for everyone to use and keep. Plus, the tutorial includes a recipe for a pomegranate-lime fizz cocktail. What's not to love?

Instagram Lampshade

While any old lamp can light up a room, a lamp with an Instagram lampshade truly shines. Not only is this project easy, but it requires four things: a lampshade, photos, an adhesive like hot glue or a spray adhesive, and laminating paper. This Insta craft is completely original and lets all of your pictures take the spotlight.

Mini Instagram Pendants
Lil Blue Boo
Mini Pendants

Perfect for necklaces or magnets, these little Instagram pendants are just too cute and have multiple functions. Mod Podge and glaze are key to making the pendant durable and shiny. Wear your favorite moments around your neck everyday. Awkward never looked so stylish, did it?

Instagram Photo Blocks
Photo Blocks

Much like the pop blocks, these photo blocks from Intimate Weddings are oh-so charming. Place them on your coffee table or give them us gifts, the possibilities and are endless while the beauty of these little blocks keeps on giving. Using the dry brush technique as a finishing touch makes the photos look vintage cool, too.

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