Tips for Hosting a Crafty DIY Party

Posted by on Jul 16, 2013

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Wanting to host a craft party can inspire visions of good fun, creativity and lots of laughter. But do you have the organization and cool head to pull off such a celebration? Hannah Read-Bardley, author of "Girls' Night In: Craft, Cakes and Cocktails for the Ultimate Party," shares her insider knowledge for throwing a fun and festive party celebrating friendship and crafts.

hannah read-baldrey
What draws you to parties?

I think it stems back to childhood, I have a creative mom and a summer birthday. Every year she would have a themed party for me, and there would always be lots of dressing up, show-stopping birthday cakes and lots of fun party entertainment!

Have you had a party disaster?

The only disaster I have had at a party was not my own, it was at a friend's 30th and I thought I was being helpful by carrying the giant cupcake cake across the room, I had no idea the top of the cake wasn't attached and it slid off onto the floor! CRINGE!! So embarrassed!

What mistakes do beginners make when hosting a DIY party? Any advice for overcoming?

The biggest mistake is to get too stressed about a party. As long as you are prepared, not much can go wrong. You can always get someone to dash out to get that thing you have forgotten like a bag of ice or some cocktail sticks. As long as you've got the fundamentals covered you are fine.
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When planning a party always write everything you need down as a list, from decorations to food and drink. As long as you have it written down you are less likely to forget important elements! Make sure you have invited your guests with plenty of advance notice. Four to six weeks before is usually good, but at Christmas you may want to consider even earlier, as people have so many engagements. Do ask for help from close friends and family; when I host my birthday party every year I always rope in my husband and best friends to help with decoration and food preparation. Remember, lots of recipes can be prepared the day or two days before and the house can be rearranged or decorated the night before too. The trick is to spread duties out so you are not overwhelmed!

Which DIY party decorations do you make again and again?

With certain decorations, I can make them once and use them again and again, which is nice. I love the Giant Felt Pom Poms from the book; I keep these in a box and break them out for special occasions!

You offer several stylish crafts in your book that a whole group can make, like skirts and felt fascinators. Any tips for making a group craft project when not everyone is "crafty" or confidently skilled?

The great thing about working on craft projects with mixed abilities is that partygoers can bond helping each other out. If you have a friend who you know is great at sewing, why not pair her up with a friend who is less confident?
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Hannah Read-Bardley is the author of "Girls' Night In: Craft, Cakes, and Cocktails for the Ultimate Party", published by Quadrille Publishing.

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