Trash to Treasure — Upcycled Summer Jewelry Ideas

Posted by on Mar 19, 2023

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Whether you're trying to keep your teen busy this summer or looking to help Mother Earth by keeping just a little extra trash out of the landfills, these upcycled summer jewelry ideas will have your mind spinning with eco-friendly thoughts. Challenge yourself by using eco-friendly art supplies, which you can find on this huge list from Crafting a Green World.

vintage key necklace tutorial
Vintage Key Necklaces

Still have the keys to your childhood journal lock, your first apartment, or your first house? Click through Sugar & Cloth for the free vintage key necklace tutorial.

gift card chevron earrings
Gift Card Chevron Earrings

Keys aren't the only thing to coat with enamel and call new. Try cutting up old gift cards or CDs with The Cheese Thief’s free tutorial for a pair of trendy chevron earrings.

paper bead statement necklace
Magazine Paper Bead Necklace

Before tossing your old issue of Vogue into the recycling bin, tear out a few pages to make paper beads. With a stash of these, you can craft paper bead curtains, a starburst mirror or statement paper bead bib necklaces.

sushi tray earrings
Sushi Tray Jewelry

The leftover sushi tray from your lunch is usually pretty enough to be mounted on a wall — or upcycled into jewelry. Use Jessica Barst's free tutorials to make your own sushi tray earrings and sushi tray bracelet.

necktie statement necklace
Dad's Old Necktie Necklace

While you're rummaging through your dad's old tie collection to make his handmade Father's Day gift, save one for yourself. You're going to need it to make this statement necktie necklace. Get the tutorial at Julie is Coco and Cocoa.

bubble wrap necklace
Bubble Wrap Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Wouldn't you swear that that necklace is made with nacre? Turn a ubiquitous environmental scourge into a necklace with this tutorial featured on Craftster, originally designed by Steven James and published in Jewelry Upcycled!

upcycled circuit board ring
Geek Out With Circuit Boards

Circuit boards can be cut into cufflinks, necklaces, earrings and brooches — perfect gifts for the technologically-inclined.

upcycled paper feather necklace
Lisa Garber
Scrap Paper Feather Necklace

Don't empty your bank account for a designer feather necklace. Grab a little scrap paper and check out this free how-to on CraftFoxes.

doily-covered bangles
Francis Janisch
Country Chic Doily Bangles

Did the moths get to Grandma's doilies? Rather than throwing them out, cut and hot glue them around some thrift store bangles. Check out other doily crafts on CraftFoxes.


upcycled bike tire earrings

When a tire has gone on long enough, it deserves to retire (sorry!) as a pair of edgy and elegant earrings. See a free tutorial for bike tire jewelry on greenUPGRADER.

upcycled child
Little Golden Critters Necklace

When the paint's rubbed off of the kids' toy animals, it's time to turn them into jewelry (or planters). Get the free tutorial for this golden hippo necklace from Lovely Indeed.

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adjustable bracelet with ribbon and flowers
Denim and Flowers Adjustable Bracelet

This free tutorial on Tatertots and Jello calls for ribbon to make this upcycled bracelet, but don't you think you could make the same thing from the hem of an old pair of jeans? Don't fret — you can update those same jeans by turning them into summer shorts or sewing lace onto the cuffs.


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    Creating upcycled summer jewelry allows you to transform discarded items into unique accessories with a touch of creativity. Brands like mint and lily offer a variety of sustainable jewelry options that embrace the concept of repurposing. By considering their collection, you can find inspiration to craft your own one-of-a-kind pieces that not only showcase your style but also contribute to reducing waste. Embracing the trash to treasure approach in jewelry-making adds a special charm to your summer fashion ensemble.