Fabulous Fabric Scrap Projects for Everyone on Your Gift List

Posted by on Oct 16, 2014

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We just can't stand to toss those fabric scraps, can we? Sometimes it almost hurts to cut into our favorite pretty fabrics, so we want to get as much mileage from every square inch that we can. Here are nice easy and giftworthy DIYs that will make a nice dent in your stash. Give the gift of handmade!

fabric scrap mosaic wallhanging
A sheet of plywood and some decoupage medium is all you need to turn lots of bits and pieces of fabric into beautiful mosaic art.

hand applique bird dishtowel
How cute are these dish towels? A little embroidery really adds something special to accent any oven door.

fabric bird decoupage wood plaque
While you're cutting bird shapes out of your fabric scraps, decoupage a few on to blocks of scrap wood —you know, put a bird on it! So sweet sitting on the book shelf or hanging on the wall. 

braided fabric scrap necklace
With a little glue, you can braid loads of fabric scraps into long strands to turn into a lovely necklace

fabric scrap coiled coaster
The guys on your list probably need extra coasters, because aren't they the ones who always forget to use them? These are super quick to make with glue and shoelaces!

fabric scrap hair barrette flower
These scrappy fabric posies are perfect for hair barrettes, lapel pins, headbands or hat brims. 

fabric diy rag rug
With a little time and loads of fabric scraps, you can make a gorgeous rag rug with this super easy technique.

scrap ribbon christmas tree ornament
This scrappy Christmas tree ornament is the perfect gift idea for the kids to make for grandmas and aunts. You can use lots of stray ribbons or fabric strips.

fabric scrap ball ornaments
Turn smooth foam balls and fabric scraps into pretty everyday ornaments to hang — or fill a bowl with fabric balls to accent an end table.

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