Unique Handmade Cards with Found Objects

Posted by on Jul 27, 2013

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Jeanne Williamson


Do you love making handmade cards from recycled materials and found objects? So does Jeanne Williamson, author of "Uncommon Cards: Stationery Made with Found Treasures, Recycled Objects, and a Little Imagination" (Running Press). In this video chat with CraftFoxes editor Lindsay Conner, Jeanne shares some of her favorite techniques for using objects from around your house to make beautiful, handmade cards. From paint chips and leaves (cut from artificial flowers) to bits of lace and pieces of netting from onion bags, her favorite recycled materials look stunning when stitched to cardstock.

Handmade card made from fabric flowers

For a unique handmade card for nature lovers, Jeanne suggests clipping artificial flower leaves from the blooms, and stitching onto cardstock. When at your sewing machine, you can trace the vein lines of the leaves, then add additional straight stitches to the border.
Handmade card made from cupcake wrapper
Cupcake Wrapper

Turn a decorative cupcaker wrapper into the graphic centerpiece of your handmade card. This technique also works great for smaller candy wrappers, like miniature Reese's cups. Add decorative stitching with your sewing machine in contrasting thread for a bold look.
Handmade card made from lace
Stitched Lace

One of the most common handmade cards Jeanne loves to make is a sympathy card. She says it is always appreciated in a time of grieving. To make an elegant and thoughtful card, choose a piece of lace in a contrasting color to your cardstock, and secure with several horizontal stitches.
Handmade card made from recycled map
Recycled Map

Why not make a "See You Soon" card for a friend who is traveling or a family member going off to college? This idea works great with a recycled map and simple stitched lines to echo the interstates.
Handmade card made from onion bag netting
Onion Bag Netting

This is a very inventive idea! Take the standard netting from your fruits and vegetables (onions, oranges, etc.), and use it to cut shapes for your handmade cards. A simple heart can be cut from netting as easily as you cut one from construction paper to make Valentines as a kid.
Handmade card made from paint chips
Paint Chips

The next time you are out at the hardware store and are drawn in by some beautiful paint chips, snag a few sheets for your handmade cards. These simple squares can be cut and sewn to cardstock for a geometric look that works great for all occasions!
Handmade card made from seeds
Flower Seeds

Take flower or vegetable seeds and store them in plastic sleeves (such as a plastic name badge or photo film sleeves) for an unexpected handmade card that's interactive. You can include planting instructions inside the card!
Jeanne Williamson is the author of "Uncommon Cards: Stationery Made with Found Treasures, Recycled Objects, and a Little Imagination" (Running Press). You can learn more at the book's website.
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