Wall Decals — Choosing the Right Look for Your Room

Posted by on May 09, 2011

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Oh, all the time and money my family and I would have saved if only we'd known about vinyl wall decals for our home earlier. We wouldn't have bothered with plastic sheets covering the furniture, drop cloths that didn't quite catch everything, paint fume headaches, sore backs and precious weekends spent on walls that rarely turned out like the paint chips promised. If any of this sounds familiar, then say "Hellooooooo" to vinyl wall decals! These handy “stickers” just might be the most revolutionary home decorating technique since sponge painting. Unlike sponge painting, however, vinyl decals are easily removed and changed at your whim. There's such a wide variety of wall decals; classic, playful, urban, floral, for everyday or holidays — you can even custom order your own design — that your home decor can be current no matter where the latest trends or your personal style take you.

fairy wall decal in baby’s room
For your first piece, you should start out small. Target, JoAnn Fabrics and Urban Outfitters all carry slight, whimsical wall decals that add charm to any corner of your home. Simply follow the directions on the package, which seem to all go something like this: Decide the placement of the decoration, peel off the backing and adhere to the wall, then remove the top film. And you’re done!

Once you’ve experienced the magic of ease, you’re ready to get serious about decorating with decals. Maybe there's a wall in your house where you'd rather have a window. Make an outdoor scene with trees, flowers, birds and/or buildings! If you don't have a headboard on your bed, arrange a grouping of shapes above your pillow for a headboard unlike any other. To avoid making holes in your walls, arrange decals in a "frame" around a picture held up to the wall by sticky tac. And vinyl decals aren't just for walls. Decorate the inside of shelves or cabinets for an unexpected accent. Blik, Walls Need Love and Single Stone Studios make vinyl decals in all shapes, sizes and colors from small accents to full wall scenes. They also fill custom orders where all you have to do is send in your design. It could be a quote, a portrait, a pet, initials, anything you can think of!
flower wall decal
Vinyl wall decals are also perfect for decorating your little ones' bedrooms. Dali Decals has an enchanting selection for a nursery or baby's room, and when it's time to upgrade, peel off the baby decals and check out these "big kid" themes from Michael's.

Vinyl wall decals range from $10 to over $100, depending on size and intricacy. Buying a few mid-range decals might seem like a lot of money, but they're reasonable when you consider the cost, effort and time commitment of painting or wallpapering. Plus, they give you the freedom to experiment with any design you can imagine. Many of the decal companies guarantee that their products won't ruin your walls as long as you follow their directions. Now there's no need for you and your family to dread home redecorating projects. You might even look forward to them!
photo frame wall decals
Here are some tips from Wall Quotes Central for getting the best results when applying vinyl wall decals:

1. Don’t apply your vinyl wall decals to freshly painted walls.
2. Use only water-based paint on the walls where your decals will be.
3. The longer a decal is on a wall, the greater the chance that removal will damage paint on the wall.
4. Wash your walls with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry thoroughly before applying your decal.
5. Apply decals at room temperature. A room that's too hot or too cold can affect adhesiveness.
6. Avoid putting a decal where there is direct sunlight or close to a heat source.
7. If you want to use decals in places with high exposure to moisture, like above your stove where water will be frequently boiling or in the bathroom, use waterproof decals.
8. Plan out your entire design before sticking the decals to the wall.

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