Wedding Favors — A Roundup of Crafty Ideas

Posted by on Mar 07, 2012

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Wedding favors walk the fine line between too small or too big (read: too expensive). And when planning a wedding, you don't want to give away tchotchkes and knickknacks that guests throw away or ban to the back of the closet. Here is a roundup of crafty and DIY gifts we think guests will love to have. 

First up, these cupcake jars are easy and quick to make, which is a must when you plan on making a bunch. Cakie uses Paula Deen's cream cheese frosting and red velvet cupcake recipe, but try poking around Craftfoxes for more baking recipes. Cut the baked cupcakes in half. Put a layer at the bottom of the jar, then a layer of frosting, then the rest of the cupcake, and then top with more frosting. Screw on the Mason jar lid and ta da!

Tip: Memorialize the wedding by writing your names and the date on the top of the jar, or try glass etching. Here's a handy glass etching tutorial. Hang around Craftfoxes for more mason jar crafts.

chalkboard paint on mason jars
Chalk It Up

Use these Mason jars as seat markers and then at the end of the night fill the jars with a pretty candle or some chocolate as a little thank you that guests can take home. For the jars just buy chalkboard spray paint (the spray variety is easier for stenciling) and a heart stencil. 
homemade jam
Spread the Love

This is a lengthier project with multiple steps. Canning and jam making is a skill in its own, but the craft isn't done there. You'll want to dress up your jars-of-goodness with personalized labels and some fabric. Choose fabric that matches your weddings colors. As for the label the options are endless from hand written to custom designed.
customized tattoos wedding favors
Tattooed by Love

Sprinkle these customized tattoos around the table for a fun add on. It might also be entertaining to see the best man with a tattoo on his forehead after one-too-many champagne toasts. 
succulents as wedding favors
Grown with Love

Succulents are easy to take care of and easy to grow. If you start about a year before the big day you can grow your own by taking clippings off a larger succulent, placing them in water, waiting for roots to sprout, then planting them in dirt. These plants with the labeled pots can serve as place markers at the table as well as a take-home gift. 


homemade marshmallows wedding favors
You're the Best

Say thanks for coming with marshmallow conversation hearts! A Farmgirl's dabbles takes us step by step through making homemade marshmallows, how to dip them in the different colors of frosting and the final touch of writing messages. 
Tip: We suggest writing the bride's and groom's names, the wedding date and "thanks"!
infused olive oil wedding favors
Olive Our Love

An olive oil wedding favor is an awesome gift from an outdoor wedding that will definitely be used at home. Try your hand at infusing olive oil with herbs and spices such as garlic, basil and lemon. Then personalize the bottle with a commemorative label like this cute label by Style Me Pretty
hot chocolate wedding favor
Chocolate Wedding Favors

Hot chocolate is a perfect gift for the winter months and at 35 cents per favor it really can't be beat. Ruffled has a free printable label to add as a final touch.
crafty match boxes
Hunk of Burning Love

Try wrapping match boxes in plain brown packing paper then write the bride and groom's name on the top. If your handwriting can more aptly be described as chicken scratch try using a stamp instead. 
wedding favor boxes
Wedding Favor Boxes

Wrap your wedding favors with a cute personalized box and top it with this adorable crepe paper flower. Take three 4 x 4 squares of crepe paper, stack, cut, pinch and twist. Read a more (ahem ... a lot more) detailed how-to at Style Me Pretty.

Photo credits (from top): Style Me Pretty, Tumblr/ a ladys findings, Snippet and Ink, Yes Please Blog, A Farmgirl's Dabbles, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Style Me Pretty and 


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