Wine Bottle & Cork Crafts

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016

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Few DIY projects are as rooted in upcycling as are wine bottle and cork crafts. After all, with other projects, you may not have the essential materials readily on hand, and those same materials often aren't destined for the garbage bin. Using one of these clever wine bottle craft ideas, the remains of that wine tasting party you hosted can easily go from trash to treasure.

embroidered cork necklace
Little Treasures
Drink your wine and wear it, too! No, we're not suggesting you splash it all over your clothes. How about creating a unique piece of jewelry from the cork? Maya from Little Treasures shares an interesting technique for embroidering around the edges of wine cork slices to turn them into beads for a necklace.

DIY planter, DIY self watering planter, Wine bottle planter, Wine bottle crafts
Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planter
Good news for the neglectful plant owners out there: this DIY project turns wine bottles into self-watering planters. Just place these in a sunny windowsill and refill the water jar when you notice the water levels getting low. Who knew gardening could be so easy?

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Painted wine bottle, Wine bottle vase, Wine bottle crafts, DIY flower vase
Painted Bottle Flower Vases
Many bloggers out there have thought of painting the outside of the bottle, but this savvy crafter chose to coat the inside instead. Genius!

Spray paint wine bottle, Metallic wine bottle craft, Striped wine bottle
DIY Metallic Wine Bottle Centerpiece
Metallic wine bottles look great as creative centerpieces and vases, but we like how this blogger utilized the negative space rather than going for a full coat of paint. With some painters tape and some careful spray-painting, the pattern possibilities are unlimited!

wine cork ampersand
Fancy ampersands aren't just for calligraphers - they are also an iconic home décor choice. Over on the Craft Cuts blog, you'll learn how to embellish a large wood ampersand with wine corks to make an elegant statement in any room of your home.

DIY bottle bird feeder, Wine bottle DIY, Wine bottle bird feeder, Outdoor uses for wine bottles
Wine Bottle DIY Bird Feeder
The sustainability mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle should include an additional imperative: reciprocate! With this DIY wine bottle bird feeder, you're reducing your household waste, while also giving back to your tiny, winged friends. Bonus points if you can manage to make this feeder squirrel-proof.

wine cork note board
Lisa Fulmer
You've seen lots of medium to large bulletin boards made from reclaimed wine corks, but what about those small spaces where you're more likely to see your important notes, memos or stray postage stamps? On the side of the fridge, near the sink, on a cupboard door...a mini bulletin board made with a single row of corks might be just the ticket - and it's really cute, too! Lisa shows you her idea on the Creating with Joy blog.
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