Cakes That Look Like Crafts

Posted by CraftFoxes Staff on Apr 21, 2013

If you love getting crafty as well as eating cake, these DIY crafty cake ideas are perfect for you!


This silver, blue and black birthday cake is an elegant take on the crafting cake. Sewing pins and needles top a fondant-covered pin cushion. See this crafty cake up close at Cakes by Avitha.

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  • by flabbyought
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    What can I say about this item? It appears to be a tiny pillow with pins placed on top, rather than a cake. I'm amazed by it basket random, and I have to commend the creator's inventiveness.

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    What to say this item doesn't look like a cake,it looks like a little cushion and pins were topped there. Its a wonder to me, must appreciate the creativity of the person who made this. As per report writing service there are many people who got such huge talent on this baking and now a day they were providing these kind of services to every one.