Halloween Treats: 10 Sweet Copycat Recipes for Candies, Cookies and More

Posted by CraftFoxes Staff on Sep 17, 2013

Whether you are craving candy but can't get to the store, are feeling thrifty, or just plain adventurous, try these copy cat recipes for your favorite goodies. From Twix to Pop Rocks to Cadbury Creme Eggs (yes, you CAN eat them year-round), we have everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. (And for those of you who are counting, there are actually 12 wonderful goodies to try. We figured we'd add a bonus or two!)


Halloween Candy Corn

From our friends at The Kitchn comes the recipe for making your own candy corn. It's not as sweet as the store-bought stuff, and they report that this dough is only good after it has cooled (they checked). Personally, I would make oversized corns, with the theory that bigger is always better.

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