Know About Different Types Of Cake Fondants

Posted by hemusharma on Oct 18, 2017

Rolled or poured, stretched or dipped, fondants come in different types of different types of forms and have varieties of uses. Know about the different types of fondants by go reading this article.


Rolled fondant: It has become one of the most popular covering choices for most of the cake decorators. When you are going to work with a rolled fondant, it is really important to learn a bit about the curves. Once you master the art you can easily convert it into different sizes, shapes, designs and textures. There you can find two types of rolled fondants-traditional rolled fondants and chocolate based rolled fondants Traditional rolled fondant cake: Traditional rolled fondant cakes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but they typically come with some combination of sugar, oil, glycerin, corn syrup and stabilizing gums or gelatin.

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