My First & Favorites

Posted by Linda Boucher on Dec 20, 2013

These are the best of my best. The first rug I made, the first one I sold, the first festival/fair I placed my crafts in, my favorite color combination, first hat, first pocketbook... just a combination of firsts and favorites for me. I look back on them and they all look new to me... because there has been so many new ones since then! I just love to crochet with fabric, it has been so relaxing for me, and such a labor of love.


This was the first custom commisioned pocketbook. Private sale. She was specific and wanted it to be extremely colorful, with a 46'' long braided leather shoulder strap, with very specific measurements for the size of the purse. This is the finished product... so if you see it around the Ohio area... I made it !

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