3 Step Kimono

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Make a beautiful kimono with 3 simple stitches! Watch the quick video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykSdDWzwq14

Step 1

2 long "pashmina" scarves
Sewing machine
Matching thread
E-6000 Fray Lock
Straight pins
Measuring tape

Step 2

Lay the scarves face to face matching the design
Mark the 1/2 way point on one side of the scarves
Pin the scarves together up to 5" before the 1/2 way point
Stitch them together using 1/2" seam allowance
*This is your center back seam

Step 3

Fold one scarf in half lengthwise (right sides together)
Measure up 19" on the open side (the side you didn't stitch)
Measure 9" across the bottom
Connect these two points with pins in a curve as shown with the little black dots
Stitch along the pins and cut out leaving 1/2" seam allowance
*This will create your sleeve and side seam

Step 4

Now repeat on the other scarf:
Fold the other scarf in half right sides together
Place the cut pieces from the first side on top for a guide
Cut along the shape and pin together
Stitch using 1/2" seam allowance

Step 5

Keep the cut edges from fraying with E-6000 Fray Lock

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  • by angelicacalve49
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    Great idea! Love it! And it doesn't seem all that dofficult! Lol! It's worth giving it a chance -especially when I have already got the scarves ;-) 'cause last summer I thought this would be gorgeous
    Hope I'm able to find the Fray Lock stuff, or something of the sort, here in Spain. Don't feel like sewing the edges by hand... they taught me how to make the kerchief stitch a long-long time ago but all that I remember about it is that it is very difficult and tiresome... buuufff!!!
    Thanks a lot for simplifying me the task with your clear tutorial