30-minute Sewing Project: Funky Eye Glasses Case

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Gloriously geeky or ultra-chic, this soft carrying case will keep sunglasses or spectacles safe from scratches and rough treatment while in transit. Stitch up a few for tons of four-eyed fun...
Here is what you need:
- 1/4 yd (1/4 m) medium-weight cotton fabric
- 1/4 yd 1/4 m) cotton batting
- 1 yd (1 m) 1/4-in (6-mm) double fold bias tape
- 1/2-in (1.25-cm) diameter button to match fabric
- Thread to match fabric and contrast color
Equipment needed:
- Craft and fabric scissors
- Straight pins
- Hand-sewing needle

Step 1

Using the glasses case template, cut four pieces from fabric and four pieces from cotton batting.

Step 2

Sandwich two pieces of batting between two pieces of fabric, so that the right sides of the fabric are facing out on either side of the batting and edges are aligned. Baste layers together with contrasting thread. Repeat with the remaining fabric/ batting pieces.

Step 3

Cut a 1 1/2-in (3.75-cm) piece of bias tape and topstitch open edge of bias closed. Fold strip in half so that cut edges meet to form a loop and pin in place at the center top opening along one of the shorter edges of one of the basted panels. The cut edges of the bias tape should be aligned with the cut edge of the fabric panel, so that the raw edges are stitched into the seam allowance when the bias tape is applied.

Step 4

Apply bias around the outer edge of each of the two basted panels. If you have never worked with bias tape before, review the bias tape tutorial in the Techniques and Skill Builders section on page 108. Pin the two panels together, then topstitch along three sides leaving the top edge (looped side) open.

Step 5

Stitch button into place across from loop at top of case. The loop should slip over the button with a firm fit.

Step 6

This sewing tutorial is excerpted with permission from "30 Minute Sewing: What Can You Sew In Half an Hour or Less?" Heather M. Love and published by Barron's Educational Series.

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