4 Ways To Repurpose Pill Bottles

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Some people need to take a lot of different medicines to keep them healthy. This could be for any number of reasons, and it’s important that they do as their doctor tells them when it comes to medication. Lots of pills mean lots of empty pill bottles which would normally be thrown away. However, there are so many things that can be done with these little bottles that throwing them in the trash seems such a waste. Here are some of the most ingenious ideas – how many would you like to try?

Step 1

Key Hider

It can be very useful to hide a spare front door key somewhere in your yard in case of emergencies but making the hiding place too obvious can be a security risk. Using a pill bottle to make a key hider is a wonderful idea as it means you no longer have to resort to hiding the key under the welcome mat! All you need to do is superglue a stone or small rock to the top of the lid and place the key inside the bottle. Then bury the bottle leaving the stone on top of the soil. No one will even notice, and you just need to remember which rock to pick up if you need the key.

Makeup Organizer

Creating a makeup organizer is a good way to make use of a variety of different sized pill bottles. Brushes and mascara can be kept in the larger ones, and lipsticks and sponges can be kept in smaller ones for example. They are so easy to make. Peel or soak off the label that details what the pills are for and what the side effects might be then spray the bottles with adhesive paint. It may take a couple of coats because of the plastic. Decorate them in any way you like, and you have got beautiful new makeup organizers.

Camping Hacks

When you go camping it can be a hardship to pack big bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel and carry them around with you. Instead of doing this, clean out some empty pill bottles and pour a little bit of these toiletries into them. Make sure you’ve got enough to last for your whole trip, and it will be a lot easy to carry around than the big bottles you’ve taken in the past!

Portable Sewing Kit

Having a portable sewing kit in your purse is so useful – you never know when you might need to repair a hole in your clothing or sew a button back on. You can use an empty pill bottle to make yourself a lovely sewing kit. Just find a piece of leftover fabric and some foam, and cover the foam with the fabric. Stick this to the top of the pill bottle to create a pin cushion. You can then keep needles, pins, thread, buttons, and any number of other useful items in the bottle itself.

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