Acorn Heads Peg People

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Acorn caps make great hats for tiny peg or stick people. A little hot glue and a little imagination will help you create toys that your kids can play with for hours. Get the kids involved in the project from start to finish, gathering acorns, choosing outfits, gluing hair and even building homes for their acorn heads!
Yield—20 Peg People
- 20 wooden pegs and/or old-fashioned clothespins
- Various bits of fabric, yarn and odds and ends to decorate
- Glue
- 20 acorn caps
- Floral tape (optional)
- Markers, watercolor pencils and/or paint

Step 1

Start with a basic peg or old-fashioned clothespin and add a little yarn or string for hair with a hot glue gun.

Step 2

Once dry, attach an acorn top as a small little “cap.”

Step 3

Wind floral tape around the body of the doll or simply use paints or fabric bits to create outfits for your dolls.

Step 4

Draw little faces with watercolor pencils or paint or leave blank.

Step 5

Add your acorn heads to a dollhouse, place in fairy gardens or hide as little surprises in the veggie garden!

Step 6

Note: If you don’t have wooden pegs or clothespins to spare, you can make acorn head people with just acorns and twigs! Simply gather acorns with the caps attached and an equal number of small branches or twigs, about half an inch (1 cm) thick. The branch circumference should be about the same size as the acorn nut, and should be cut straight across for a clean line. Glue the acorn nut onto the cut branch, and adorn like the peg people.

Step 7

This how-to is excerpted with permission from "Crafting with Nature: Grow or Gather Your Own Supplies for Simple Handmade Crafts, Gifts & Recipes" by Amy Renea (Page Street Publishing).

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