April Showers Quilt Block

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Perfect for both novice and advanced stitchers alike, this sweet, simple pattern uses just two kinds of stitches, backstitch and French knots, to make this easy and quick quilt block.
Adapted from "Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers," compiled by Susanne Woods and published by C&T Publishing. Quilt block designed by Kirsti Underwood.
Muslin (Cut 1 square 15 1/2˝ × 15 1/2˝. Trim to 12 1/2˝ × 12 1/2˝ after embroidery.)
6-strand embroidery floss or perle cotton thread in various colors
Pencil or iron-on transfer pen

Source: ,Amazon.com: Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favor...

Step 1

Trace the pattern from the photo and enlarge the drawing by 200%.

Step 2

Tape the enlarged pattern onto a bright window. Center the fabric (or paper if you are using a transfer pen) over the pattern and tape it in place. Trace the design using a pencil or iron-on transfer pen (follow the manufacturer’s instructions).

Step 3

Stitch the pattern. Work all of the backstitch first; then work the French knots. Use 6 strands of floss for everything except the mouths of the clouds and flowers—for those, use 2 strands. The eyes of the clouds and flowers are French knots that use 6 strands of floss wrapped twice around the needle.

Step 4

Trim the block to 12 1/2˝ × 12 1/2˝.

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