Bead and Wire Bracelet

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This time, our fashion beaded jewelry is bursting with multi-styled beads and novel wire wrapped patterns. Check out the following instructions and you will be instantly amused with this funny bracelet making idea!

Step 1

Thread beads onto wire
1st, snip a piece of aluminum wire that measures 30cm;
2nd, slide the lampwork bead to the center and add multi-styled beads on from both ends; we suggest in the following order: spacer, red glass, spacer, purple acrylic, spacer.
3rd, give a slight curl to the beaded wire, squeeze beads up and wire wrap both ends with pliers.

Step 2

Make wire wrapped clasp
1st, snip a piece of 20cm aluminum wire
2nd, on one end make a loop first and then wrap the following pattern
3rd, on other end make a hook;

Step 3

Combine the clasp with the beaded part
Open the loop end of the clasp and attach beaded part to it.

Step 4

Tada! Our fashion beaded jewelry tutorial is done! Are you guys bursting to try out this bracelet making? These simple materials are available everywhere; prepare some and try this project out.

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