Bead Bracelets Pattern

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This is an attractive bracelet with a dainty flower pattern out of golden seed beads and ivory acrylic pearl beads. Add a splash of color to coordinate with all outfits while assembling these.

Step 1

Work a starting circle
1. Take a fairly long strip of tiger tail wire.
2. Alternately slide 2 pieces of 3mm seed beads and 8mm pearl beads to the center location.
3. Pass the two working ends through another 8mm pearl bead.
4. Pull the ends tightly

Step 2

Bead the basic pattern
1. Take the left end and then thread on 3mm seed bead1; on the right end add on 3mm seed bead1, 8mm pearl bead1, and 3mm seed bead1.
2. Thread the right end to go back through the pearl bead on the left end.
3. Tighten both ends.
4. Do the above process with the two ends. Just replace the beads added on each end.
5. Each two of the above groups form a basic pattern.

Step 3

Repeat the basic pattern
Repeat the above basic pattern until you reach a desired length for the entire bracelet.

Step 4

Make another beaded part
From the ending, repeat the basic pattern towards the starting tip.

Step 5

Add on the S-hook clasp
At the end, secure by tying a knot. Then, slide the bead tip and crimp bead tie another knot and then squeeze the crimp bead. Trim off excess wire and close the bead tip. Finally, add on the clasp.

Step 6

You have a new member in your wardrobe now! Learning how to bead bracelets is a pretty good way to add color, sparkle and amusement to a day or a look. With a few supplies and free jewelry designs that are available online, you will be able to use the imagination to create all sorts of stunning, creative and original beaded accessories on a budget.

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