Beginner Knit Dish Cloth Pattern

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This knit dish cloth is an easy knitting pattern for beginners. Not only does it use only two stitches, the garter stitch and the stockinette stitch, but the free knitting pattern is worked in rows rather than in the round. Moreover, this knit dish cloth pattern creates a great gift for housewarmings and new babies. Or, just make the knit dish cloth for yourself to add easy but crafty style to your kitchen sink!
- Natural-dyed cotton yarn
- Needles to fit yarn size
- Stitch marker
- Embroidery needle for weaving in ends

Step 1

Cast on 30 stitches.
Row 1-6: K 30
Row 7: K 4, P 22, pm (place marker) in last p stitch as reminder for the next row, K 4
Row 8: K 30
Repeat Rows 7-8 for 9 times or until dish cloth measures 5 1/2-inches (or as long as desired to fit hand)
Row 26: K 30
Repeat Row 26 5 more times

Step 2

To finish, weave in ends. Also, pre-wash the dish cloth to help with absorbancy.

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