Black Cat Cross Stitch (Free Pattern)

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Cross stitching has become one of the most popular crafts today. It is a relaxing craft, consisting of one simple embroidery stitch in the form of an X. This stitch dates back hundreds of years and is found in many cultures, both on clothing and on decorative items.
Working on these little cross-stitched design has been incredibly relaxing and enjoyable for you or to make something special to give as a gift to friends. They can be made into pillows, framed pictures, cards, pincushions, and sachets. You can also use them to adorn clothing, linens and items for the home. There are endless possibilities!
Excerpted with permission from "100 Mini Cross Stitch Designs."

Step 1

FABRIC - 14-count white Aida fabric, one piece measuring 9 x 9in (23 x 23cm)
THREADS - DMC six-strand embroidery thread, one skein of each color listed
HOOP - 5in (12.5cm)

STITCHING AREA - 51 x 45 sts, 3½ x 3¼in (9 x 8cm)

Step 2

Prepare the fabric (see details in step 3) and mark the center of circle. Following the chart and color key, start stitching at the centre over one square of Aida fabric using two strands of thread. Work backstitches using one strand of 310 thread. For the cat’s whiskers, straight stitch using one strand of B5200.

Step 3

Before beginning to stitch, you may want to prevent the edges of the fabric from fraying. Linen fabric will fray more easily than Aida cloth.
You can sew the edges of the fabric with a zig-zag stitch on a sewing machine or oversew around the edge by hand.
First, we need to find the center of the fabric. Fold the fabric gently in half one way, then the other, and baste or tack (sew a line of small running stitches) along the folds so the lines intersect in the centre. This will match with the centre of the chart.
Next, count out from the centre to the number of stitches marked on the chart. Work a row of small running stitches to outline the perimeter of the design. Use a small stitch to mark the top of the design. If you are using a hoop, centre the design in the hoop.

Step 4

Excerpted with permission from "100 Mini Cross Stitch Designs."

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