Bunny Carrot Tutorial for Creative Fun

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Create cute bunny cards with this easy tutorial. Make an adorable bunny holding a carrot with our step-by-step guide!
Bright cards [https://www.doodledash.store/products/bright-cards-a4]
Pastel cards [https://www.doodledash.store/products/pastel-cards-a4]
Black sketch pen
Glue and scissors.

Step 1

Crafting the Bunny's Green Haven - Begin by selecting a vibrant green card. Shape it according to the provided guidelines. This forms the backdrop for your charming bunny creation.

Step 2

The Rabbit's Visage - Opt for a white card for the bunny's face. Cut out two identical shapes to create the foundation of the rabbit's countenance.

Step 3

Ears to Captivate - Once more, choose a white card. Fold it and outline the distinctive rabbit ears. These will add character to your adorable creation.

Step 4

The Orange Delight - Grab an orange card and outline the shape of a delicious carrot. This will be a key element in your bunny's grasp.

Step 5

Pretty in Pink Ears - Take a powder pink card, fold it evenly, and trace the ears previously made on the white cards as a guide. Add intricate details to the ears' inner side for an extra charm.

Step 6

Crafting Rabbit's Hands - Using a white card, fold it uniformly and sketch out the endearing hands of your bunny. This step brings your creation to life.

Step 7

The Pink Nose - Select a pink card, fold it evenly, and sketch a semi-circle for the bunny's nose. Cut along the fold to create a perfect nose for your furry friend.

Step 8

Whiskers and Lines - Once again, fold a pink card and draw 4-5 lines as shown. These details will add a delightful touch to your bunny's face.

Step 9

Assembling the Magic - Paste all the crafted elements together following the guidelines. This is where your bunny starts to take shape, and the magic unfolds.

Step 10

Adding Definition - Highlight the various parts of your creation with the help of a black sketch pen. This adds definition and highlights the intricate details, making your bunny stand out.

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