Candy Stick Straws

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Turn that sour into a sweet by sticking candy stick straws into a bitter lemon, thanks to this unique recipe from Jodi Durr of Meaningful Mama. Describing the craft, Jodi says, "When I was little, we always went to a certain carnival every summer. At this carnival one of the things I looked forward to most was buying the lemon or orange with the candy stick straw."
- Candy sticks
- Lemons
- Knife
- A decorating tip (optional)

Source: ,Meaningful Mama: Day #212 - Lemon with Candy Stick Straws

Step 1

Roll the fruit on the table, putting pressure on it. This will loosen the juice within the lemon. It's a great thing to do before you need to get a juice out of a lemon for cooking or baking, too.

Step 2

Poke a hole in the lemon the size of your stick. I used a decorating tip to make the perfect sized hole. Stick a knife in a little bit more to create the room for the stick.

Step 3

You need to suck really hard at first, but then the juice will start flowing through the stick. If it is working, but the juice stops flowing after a bit, you can move the stick around to loosen up the inside of the fruit. My kids loved it as much as I did when I was a girl. You could do this just for fun, or it would be a wonderful addition to your next party.

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